Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Know Your Roots

But do you ever think about where you come from? Sadly I've got a funeral to attend on Thursday for a mates Dad who passed away recently, but he lived a life well and met his maker at the age of 92 and luckily passed away in his sleep.

It's not often I go back to Hackney now, most of us have moved away over the years. The area has changed immeasurably over the passage of time. Today you will struggle to find a one bedroom flat in Dalston Junction for under £450,000. To me, that's silly money for a new build property and then you add in the service charge.

But over the weekend, looking at youtube as you do putting in random searches this popped up. It made me smile, from an era long gone. About four minutes in, you can view The Mothers Hospital on Lower Clapton Road where I was born way back in 1970. The street names and views brought back a myriad of memories.

Even now when I meet people and they may ask "Where are you from?" I always reply "Hackney mate" It may seem odd, moved away some time ago, but the pull of the area still holds my heart.

As for the fishing, last weekend Gruff and I shared a boat on a ressie looking for Perch with lures. It was tough I managed a Jack. Many blanked including a pro guide, though as ever it was a laugh. Gruff needed to empty his bladder, no "bailer" in the boat so he used his Spinnerbait box. Class as always mate, next time though take the lures out first.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Replies
    1. If Gruff kneeled, he would not get up again with his dodgy knee.

  2. I wandered around the graveyard at my village of birth just last Saturday mate. All the names leapt out, it was like a visit to see the grand parents in my youth. I added my mother's name to the headstones and caught up with the extended family - that I rarely see.

    It's called getting older Jase, your youth is like a black and white film and the policemen now look younger.

    Enjoy it whilst you can lover.

    1. I know every road and street in that clip, walked them for years. It's amazing what you can find on Youtube.