Sunday, 25 February 2018

The Ice Man Cometh

The last few weeks for me have been dire on the rivers, the levels have been up and down like a yo-yo. Then throw into the mix the fluctuating weather conditions and well in short since Christmas it has been largely shit.

Yesterday was no better, yep it had a biting wind that cut through me. But I needed to try and sneak in a good Perch and ended with one small Pike for five hours toil. You can see the net freezing in double quick time and next week it's looking really cold in the UK.

Nice to get out, but much, much nicer to arrive home, though we will not mention the Rugby! Na well played Scotland a thoroughly deserved win for those guys.

I picked up another little reel in the week, via Japan. A little Daiwa Alphas Air for some tiny crankbaits in the Spring for Trout. Just need to spool it up and give it a whirl, maybe next weekend for Perch if it warms up a little?

Otters and the petition to the government. Well not surprisingly it was blown out of the water, but it does not end here brothers of the angle! The Barbel Society are planning a march on Downing Street on Saturday the 17th of well March.

I feel this could be the making of Rich Frampton, his Emily Pankhurst moment. Go for it Rich, I've always felt you were a man who could get things done.A leader of men, in life some blaze a trail, while others follow the blazers. Rich you are the former, go for it!

Agent Rocca, if you want to post on forums with my ideas in future please at least acknowledge my genius instead of taking the plaudits for yourself!

From way back in 2010.

Nowt changes.

Meanwhile in Wessex Pete Reading is strutting his stuff around town to this.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Wot no un'ooking mat? Grrrrr!

    Just thought I'd get in first.

    For the BS to go from a badly worded petition to knocking on Mrs May's front door seems a big step. I do hope they have a spokesperson more eloquent than Waldorf and Statler demonstrated in their video.

    1. A couple of local rivers to me have seen a downturn in the Barbel population in the last five years, we have the odd Otter but I've not witnessed a "Kill" laid up on the bank and I cover a hell of a lot of water.

      On the upside the Chub have come back strongly, the Dace fishing and Roach fishing has improved. The Bream have vainshed over the last ten years on one stretch. But the clubs that I belong too the anglers seem happy to be putting good catches of Dace and Chub in the net.

      I'm not saying Otters are not a major problem on other watercourses. It will be intersting to see if anything is done once photos of Swans, little Ducklings or god forbid a Bittern is shown chomped up by Tarka. Wet smelly fish don't grab a headline when dead.

      I would like to think we as anglers, can possibley take an over all view of what is happening. Be it absraction, pollution etc. It may be just a cycle and Barbel stocks will return like the Chub.

      It's not all about Barbel for many thank God.