Saturday, 13 January 2018

Tough Going

After Christmas the rain came with a degree of inevitability, you spend days cooped up at home and are yearning to get out. Only to be met by this seething mess. This was one of the better days, it soon spent much of it's time in the meadows, only this week dropping back before the next deluge appears on the radar. No fish caught what so ever and personally using lures in water like this is futile, for me anyhow. 

Recently a spur of the moment decision was taken to grab some gear and get out and hopefully find some fish. The river looked in perfect nick and just for once things went more or less to plan. I spent an hour on a beat that has done some good Pike in the past, but the recent floods have done a fair amount of damage. Trees have been deposited on the bank side, silt clings to your boots making each step a chore. In short it just looked pony, so a move about two miles downstream was in order. It does not suffer so much owing to it the banks themselves being that much higher.

Nothing to set the world alight big fish wise, but an enjoyable session all the same resulting in six small Pike about this stamp and a solitary Chub, who wore the look of a fish who had been fooled by a lure and though oh bugger.   

It was just good to be back out in decent conditions, just you and your thoughts. A beat of river to myself, a few fish caught. That's all anyone wants right?

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Have you been abusing that chub?

  2. You would look a little miffed if you were lifted out "Bass Stylie", owing to the landing net caught up in a Hawthorn bush.

    Good news is the river is tanking through again after yesterdays rain. :-(

    1. Spoke to the Spanish one on his 58th. I'm going to sort out that get together for later in the year ;o)

    2. On his birthday he was actually awake at 0745, but then old people need very little sleep.

      Gave him a bell today a get together would be good, it's been a while. Though I doubt we can all booze like we used too.;-0