Saturday, 9 December 2017

Burn Him

Burn him at the stake, flay the skin from his bones. Putting him on a ducking stool, the list could go on and on. For Des Taylor as many will be aware has committed the crime of the century, by taking some Grayling home for his tea. Now Des is quite a rotund kind of chap, it surprises me he took so few.

Is it right or is it wrong? I'm not overly fussed either way, but it's the sheer rage of the angling fraternity online that has made me chuckle. One comment raised a wry smile " Given that his an ambassador for the BS, he shouldn't be posting up pics of dead Grayling  his having for his tea". Now forgive me, but being an ambassador for a small single species group does not elevate you towards being an angling deity. Imagine if he posted online some Barbel that he caught and placed in a keep net. The inter web thingy would break.

You can imagine an angry internet angler calling to his wife.

"Beryl, Beryl, Des Taylor has really done it this time, he has posted a photo with some Boris in a keep net, I'm about to vent my spleen here goes."

All the while Beryl looks at you and thinks "I can't believe I married such a cunt". Yes she really is. Has no one ever laid on with a live minnow for Perch? Rigged up a live Roach for Pike. I honestly feel the anger is just the lemming like mentality, the need to belong with like minded souls and feel good about "doing something."

About ten years ago John Bailey gave a talk about Grayling fishing in Czechoslovakia at the Barbel Society show. Czech anglers cut off the dorsal fin and preserve them, then put them on show in a frame. Not a soul that day raised an eyebrow as the photos came up on the big screen. Of course things may have changed over the years. But again social media then was not so prevalent. If the same talk was given today, well fire and brimstone from the FB brigade may prevail, who really should fish more. You know get out and fish and live and let live, you know who you are. Take a look at yourselves. 

Na give him a break lads for fucks sake, stop being so precious.  


I got out last weekend with the new set up, not really what I had in mind. More small Pike that were hitting the slider. More fish missed the lure too, manged to raise one decent fish that had a look and skulked off, not to be seen for the rest of the day. Good fun all the same, always is. Highlight was watching two Common Buzzards floating around and that piercing call, great to see and hear. I just need to find some proper Pike.


How many expletives can I fit into one blog entry? Lot's, but it's shite really it really is. The bastards give you over night hope, then let you down again and again. It's not looking good.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. The blog entry I read re Mr T, was more aimed at the fact he'd apparently taken four fish on a two fish limit. But Des has made a career out of controversy and deserves no sympathy from any of us - his shoulders are quite broad enough.

    I haven't eaten a grayling for about forty years but they are delicious and much nicer, in my opinion, than trout.

    I'd like to catch a 3lb perch and eat that too ;o)

    And a dolphin.

    And as for your last paragraph - one day that will be your penis


    1. Dave,

      I'm not offering Des any sympathy he is big and ugly enough to fight his own battles.

      What irks me, is the sheer online rage. The pitch fork waving mob. You know me and you know full well I seldom take anything serious, life is way too short for that.

      I just like to take the piss and the online mafia give me plenty of ammunition to do that.

      As for the last line of your comment Ha bleeding Ha!

  2. TBH, taking a grayling is not the big deal. It's the fact he's a hypocritical fat arse that has got on people's rag.

    1. Lee,

      Sadly I feel you have lowered the tone of my blog, yes Des may be stout. But personal barbs are uncalled for.

      Shame on you!

      We knew you would bite ;-0

  3. I take it back.

    Des is cuddly and on cold winter's night there are few better places than nestling into his ginger beard after a delicious fishy supper :)

  4. Would you say it to my face Lee??

    Des Taylor
    Angler of the Century

  5. Prefer a perch myself. Better flavour, if in clean water. Small pike are nice as well.