Monday, 18 December 2017

A Slight Slip

It's not often I get serious on here, try not to preach and offer advice. But after yesterday, maybe offering some advice seems pretty apt.

The river had been over the banks about a week ago, owing to the snow and rain. Scanning the EA website daily, it was running off nicely come the weekend. So yesterday morning, packing a few lures for Perch off I went. But sadly the river was still carrying far to much colour for my liking, although it was only about two feet up on it's normal winter level.

Had a Jack take a small spinner bait, so was pleased with that to avoid a blank. Roaming about, I lost my footing and had a right pearlier of a fall and ended getting a little wet, it could have been worse. You can laugh about these things now, but at the time it was not to clever. My fault really, I'd not given much thought to the under foot conditions. All the sediment and standing water had frozen, leaving the bank like an ice rink.

It got me thinking, wear a life jacket. We wear one in the boat, why not on the bank side in these adverse conditions? It may just save your life one day god forbid. Not preaching just saying!  

Ahh bless ain't they cute, having the time of there lives back in September at Chez Rocca's. Lush grass, good food and a doting owner.

Moving forward and this came into the Yat Phone today, not smiling now yer fuckers are you. Merry Christmas, don't make me laugh. Try not to wince or be offended, they were spoilt rotten and one is on route to us here at Yat Rock.

I'll be back out a couple of times this week and try not to fall in-promise.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Good point well made - we always knew Rocca was a little plucker - or something like that :o)

    1. Yeah bless him for he is all heart, on Christmas Day he will be distributing the dead birds all over Lincs. Like a latter day Scrooge.;-0

    2. Ha!

      Fair comment on the life jacket though. I've worn one whilst winter piking and had a rope in the water downstream of me - just in case.

      Happy Christmas lover.