Sunday, 19 November 2017

The "C" Word

No not that word, it's a Sunday and standards have to be kept to some extent even here at Yat Rock! Christmas yes it's on the horizon again like it or not, but I'll come back to that at the end.

My favourite time of the year to be on the river is now. You have to force yourself at times to leave a warm bed and venture out. But it is always worth it, just to feel alive. I've an itch that needs to be scratched concerning a stretch of river that to me should hold good Perch.

We the club members refer to it as "Dead Men's Arms", its a spooky old place if you have a fertile imagination. Carl and myself were discussing it a few days ago and we both have the same feel for the place. You walk around a mile or so upstream and cross through a thicket and then silence, as if the whole world is muffled.

No birdsong at all, no wildlife stirs it's just plain odd. Every step you make is magnified, like little shock waves on the ground. Trees tower over you, glowering as if you are not welcome. It may seem daft, but I'm constantly looking over my shoulder, looking for something that is not there. But for some reason, it appeals to me.

Recently I've been spending some time up here, it's a feeling you get for a stretch of water. As if you have to be proved right and that your not chasing shadows. Last winter was a failure in that it was only small Pike that showed and not one Perch. This one has set the ball rolling though for this season, not big a mid two pound fish. But I'm totally convinced it will do me a good Perch, if I fish it right. 

The crank baits have been fished differently of late, a slimmer profile lure also. As an angler I'm not driven or really focused, much preferring to just fish. But stubborn and head strong may be my forte and I'll keep going back to this place. It will do me a good one this season of that I'm sure.

The Ashes start next week, so long nights beckon tuning in to TMS. Sticking my neck out here I'm going for a series win for England 3-1. Mr. Lumb will be a bundle of nerves next week, but he has ordered two extra lumps of coal to see him through the wee small hours. We get through Brisbane unscathed then it's ours! 

Oh yeah Christmas and advent calendars. Now next year I'll be 48 but my dear old Mum has already sent me mine. Laugh if you want, but every morning a window will be opened.

But this week i chanced upon an article concerning this below. Yep it's a sex toy advent calendar, now when opening window 24 a nativity scene is a show stopper. Or even a pissed up Farther Christmas who has stacked his sledge into young Alex'es house. Oh and Alex you want the latest games consul for how much? Kev mate send him out to work, cheeky little sod.

But this, well it's just plain wrong! Is nothing sacred these days? You open window 24 and find a butt plug. Yeah nothing screams Christmas to me like a butt plug. Sorry you can shove this idea right up your arse!     

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Those 'spooky' areas near water are the subject of much discussion by a certain type of person on some forums. They seem to believe in ghosts, ghouls and little green men - good grief. I hope yours is inhabited by a striped monster.

    Love the advent calendar, made the misses chuckle too. Peter Griffin designed one once....

    1. Dave,

      It's something strange, all along the river we see wildlife. But you get up here and it's totally still. I know I'm not the only one who feels it.

      But it draws me back for some strange reason. As for the clip, it is still one of the best things on the box.

    2. Walking around my carp lake there's an area where the bird song dies. I think that's the root of it, no birds equates to potential danger in our ancient DNA so we become hyper alert and maybe a tad jumpy.

      But to listen to some that have seen apparitions, heard noises and have run wildly back to their cars - I dunno, bunch of pussies :o)