Saturday, 7 October 2017

Perch Hole

Perch Hole that evokes a picture in my head for all the wrong reasons, as in fifteen years I've never had a Perch from here. The name comes from one of the older club members who sadly passed away a few years back.

Now "Old Man Chris" as I called him, whenever we met regaled me with tales of the huge Perch up to two pounds he caught from here in the 1970's . I've caught most other species from this pool except Perch, it's odd really.

"Old Man Chris" lived and breathed this river, he was on it seven days a week. Not always fishing, but bank walking. He was a local man, lived alone, never married and I guess looked to other anglers for company. He was eccentric, a real Bertie Wooster character and a man that every time we met made me smile. He was for ever chiding me for my inappropriate language in fact he used to wince at my tern of phrase.

Last night checking the weather forecast had me quickly change  the choice of venue, in that the wind was gusty and those little Perch plucks would be hard to feel. So a wooded area of river was chosen.

The first hour nothing, so just looking to get get a bend in the rod a long walk up to the infamous Perch Hole was made at least i'd catch some jacks as they always oblige. Sliding down the bank and getting comfortable I clipped on a Wiggle Wart, cast to the far side and started a very slow retrieve. Half way across it stopped, now fishing crank baits if it's not behaving normally, then strike as something has happened.

Rod back and I thought " Yeah a Jack first cast, so predictable" Then I caught a glimpse of the tiger like stripes. Now it matters not how many Perch I've caught over three pounds in weight, the sight of a good 'un always gets the heart racing.

Bullied into the net and a little fist pump. An old looking fish, but very welcome that tipped the scales at 3.4lb. The best one for some considerable time, I was pleased but at the same time shocked. Why today after all these years, your first Perch from here and it went over the magic three pound mark? I only fished here in the hope of a Jack or two and to get out of the wind in order to work my lures effectively.

I nicked another over two pounds and the usual Jacks, that may be a pain to some when targeting Perch, but not me. Always happy to get the rod bent in the hard cobalt conditions of winter. I would not mind locking horns with what ever had grabbed this little fella though.

Funny old game this fishing lark, you just never know. I'm sure "Old Man Chris" will be looking down and would love to say "Told you so Jason".

Cheers Chris.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Excellent fish. There's the secret - fish for jack's and catch perch. I often fish for chub in order to catch barbel so, if a tactic works....

    I dare say Old Man Chris was disappointed at your verbal response to the fish but it was doubtless justified.

    Nice going mucker.

  2. Dave,

    Looking back, I'm sure I had this fish much smaller back in 2014, but it has a very distinctive sharp face.

    About a mile or so downstream. Most of the Perch down here have wide heads and I've had very few like this.

    As for Old Man Chris I got a text in the last day or two from Roger the Perv. He said " he was a friendly guy, but Roger thinks I need HRT as I'm getting soppy in my old age";-0

    I do think it is a repeat capture.

    1. I was at a fishing talk many moons ago and a chap who'd had 'loads' of big perch from a small reservoir found that they were largely recaptures. Perch stocks are difficult to ascertain and the multiple captures can be why big perch fishing is so short lived.

      You'll be giving them names next :op

    2. Dave,

      I've been doing some reading about Perch life spans,solitary large Perch. When the reach sexual maturity and spawning etc.

      As for names, this one is called The Parrot;-0

  3. Have a word. Next you'll be growing a beard and fishing the Wandle.