Sunday, 24 September 2017

Things To Do When Your Pissed

A little tip here from me, when your pissed up you may do the following.

1.Eat a kebab with extra chilli sauce.

 2.You may sleep with someone and wake up the next day and think who are you? But it's all good as you were pissed.

3. Send texts of a lewd nature to your wife, but in error you send them to your Mum, this happened to my younger brother the dope.

4. Buy tackle online and when it arrives you do not have a clue as to what you have ordered.

I could go on, as all the above are OK because your were pissed, well not the text message to your Mum fuck me!

But do not come back from a golf society day, well oiled as you had won. Then you show your short game to the wife, while she is watching "Strictly".

A chip that went eschew, smashed into the television resulting in this.

That led to this....

Denise "You total an utter prick, when your sober you, yes you are paying for a new one"
Me " Yeah sorry babe, feel a right plank."

So the next day I went online and this now hangs on the wall.

A bloody expensive piss up after golf that was. And to rub salt into the wounds I hardly watch the fucking thing.

 Off to Grafham Water next week with Gruff, so popped down to Farlows in the week while at work. I had a gift voucher left over from last Christmas, good job I did as this little lot would have set me back nearly seventy pound.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Fourrrrrrrrrr! !!!!!!!

  2. Congratulations lover. You've found the perfect way of dealing with anybody that watches Strictly. Elvis used to shoot his TV's but you have brought sport and skill to the arena. I suggest a No1 iron for all cooking programs for starters.

    1. A one iron? In the words of Lee Trevino "Not even God can hit a one iron"

      Long irons are bloody hard work, give me a five wood instead.;-0

    2. Monty!

      I lost all access to my old blog - so I made a new one!

      Woudl you be so kind as to update the link (but keep the name) under your Links and Ting? Cheers, Pappa S.

  3. Didn't know you played mate have to have a game.


  4. Coops,

    As you know the old boy retires in February. We can sort a round out with some fishing also in the spring. I know Gruff in the past used to love a "hack".

  5. Funny as fuck - the lengths you hammers will go to avoid watching MOTD...

    Get yourself some airflow balls...

    And your right about long irons. Switching to hybrids was the best thing I ever did