Saturday, 29 July 2017

Doppelgangers of the Angling World Part XXXIV

Jesus the last one of these was way back in February 2015, where on earth does the time go? So I thought I'd better pull my socks up and get a new one up.

Below we have Bingo from the Banana Splits, looking like he has fallen on hard times. Slumming it on the river Trent, cheek by jowl with "Carbellers", bonfires, takeaway food detritus and empty stellar cans by the dozen. How the mighty have  fallen, one minute your a superstar of the 1970's, tooting grade "A" charlie and girls by the dozen, you blink and your on the scrap heap.  

Below we have Alex Dalton, looking a little like he has been on the crack pipe, real fucked up mandingo.

My fishing so far this season? Not much to shout about to be honest, plenty of small Pike and small Chub caught on lures and a few Perch, no big Perch as of yet. In truth the Chub fishing has kept me entertained. One day they are like Kamikaze pilots, the next trip out spooky as hell. It is to me utterly absorbing. Perhaps more fishy photos are needed for the blog? But unlike in the past not an awful amount of effort goes into this now. Just as and when.

Really looking forward to the Autumn though, a couple of trips to Grafham Water in September are on the cards and Pitsford in October. Then focus on the big Perch on my local venues, they are still very overgrown at present. And moving along the river and finding areas to cast a line is tough.

It's August next week and I've yet to come across another angler thus far apart from opening day, very odd. I know Gruff, The Dutchman and Roger The Perv( who has popped up after being missing for ten long years, presumed dead) are all under the thumb. But surely not all anglers our way have no bollocks and cow tow to the wife?

Be Lucky

Monty D  


  1. Good spot that, shag. Us Of a certain age will remember the Banana Splits, on every day of the school hols, along with Robinson Crusoe, The Flashing Blade, Why Don't You.......etc, etc...

    1. The Flashing Blade Kev a work of genius.

  2. La la la, la la-la lah, la la la, la la-la lah.

    Uh Oh Chongo!

    1. Dave,

      This is the real deal, we used to act this out over Hackney Marshes as kids. Swords made of long Willow branches.

      The theme tune does take me back.