Friday, 23 June 2017

A National Treasure

A term used far to often in my opinion, but after the sad news today I'll jump on the band wagon! Henry Calthorpe Blofeld, or just simply "Blowers" to his many legions of fans is hanging up the microphone after a whopping 45 years covering TMS.

Now I must confess that I'm no expert Cricket statistician, but I simply adore TMS and this man for me is the voice of Cricket, not unlike that late Sir Peter  O'Sullevan who was the voice of racing for many.

I've always enjoyed sport on the radio, be it Cricket, Boxing, Golf et al. To me it's far more intimate than the TV. Blowers himself today described TMS as "company" and I suppose it is for many. Before I met Denise I did not own a TV, she was incredulous when we spoke about it.

She asked " What do you do in the evenings?"

I replied "Masturbate".

In that instant I knew we would marry. The look of love in her eyes, or was it disgust? Sold it too me? Even now I seldom watch TV, on my lap top and listening to the radio is my thing, while she watches East Enders. She is supposed to be the brains of the outfit, seeing that her work is Psychology, while I'm just a barra boy. But Radio 4, or a group of people shouting at each other, I win hands down surely.

A guy I work with today, our brief conversation went like this.

Me " Tom did you hear Blowers is hanging up the Mic"

Tom" Yes mate, but I prefer Sky Sports coverage over TMS"

Me" Call yourself English? Just Fuck off".

A bit near the mark, but even though I've smoothed off some rough corners over the years I'll not change. As my Mum says. " You can take the boy out the East End, but you can't take the East End out the boy". Very true.

TMS is indeed very special to many people and not just for the Cricket, it's life's observations and humour. It's like Cream Tea's, Summer Fetes, Morris Dancing and Warm Beer all rolled into one and much more besides.

Blowers, you will be missed. Simply thank you!

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. I don't have digital in the car and long wave is not that good round my way on the move but yes, TMS hands down.
    Blowers ancestral seat is just down the road from me in Norfolkcestershire.

  2. Radio 4 Extra is a godsend mate, Hancock or TV? No contest.

  3. Well said gent's I'm off fishing, little radio packed for the first Lions game.

  4. Well said. I was genuinely gutted to learn Blowers was hanging up the mic , he and TMS were the sound of summer imo. Blowers can paint an evocative picture in words in the same unique way as Chris Yates can in pen and ink.

    I totally know what you mean about sport on radio. I've been fortunate to watch my team win some memorable big games both live and on TV, but when I think back, nothing can touch the memory of sitting in round the kitchen table with my old man (RIP) listening to the Utd commentary on Piccadilly Radio - especially when Tommy Doc was chipping in with his non PC co-commentary. I could always tell when my old man was nervous about a game, he'd go to the sink and start washing up, about the only time that ever happened. My mum knew if a big game was on the radio she'd come back to a spotless kitchen ..


    1. Nice sentiments Joe, our mutual friend did not have a clue who Blowers is, or what TMS stands for.

      He is a bit of a recluse at present, tending his allotment.;-0

  5. I blame the education system! And as for the allotment, it won't be long till his foraging season kicks off as well.I blame those 'Good Life' repeats on Dave...

    As a fan of TMS you'll appreciate this Youtube of Brian Johnson stiching-up Aggers. Vintage Fred - they don't make them like him anymore.

    1. Joe,

      Seen it mate, Aggers was "Stumped" to put it in a polite manner ;-0.


      When the chillies are done, you know where to find me.

  6. 'blowers' means something else down my neck of the woods. Regarding the cricket, I always found active participation far more satisfying than spectating/listening. Common to many other things in life.