Saturday, 15 April 2017

Spanish Road Trip

I've been more or less offline recently owing to my old lap top giving up the ghost after seven long years of service. Mainly keeping abreast with the online world via my phone, until today when a new machine was purchased in the Easter sales.

This little tale came into the Yat phone recently............

So out of the goodness of your heart, you decide to take two friends to your property in Spain for a week, to fish for Barbel and Black Bass.You land safely and make your way to the hire car, now the hire car was backed up tight to a wall. The angelic property owner and Spanish fishing guru jumped in and moved the car forward so his two friends could load the luggage into the boot. Job done and he asked "Are we all loaded and good to go?" "Yep lets go".

Two hundred miles later, they arrive at their destination .On unloading the car a slight problem, only two suitcases. The other was no where to be seen."Where is my fooking case?" Two friends and I use the term loosely looked at each other in shock. The main mans case was left back at Madrid airport! Luckily a spare set of keys is left in a local bar, so the guests could get in.

The main man then drives 200 miles back to Madrid airport, fuming as his passport, cash, other set of keys are in his case. Alas the case is gone(belly laugh when I was told), so our chum spent the night on a bench outside lost property. Now lost property opened at 0700 Hrs, the shutter went up and the Spaniard was on it like a shot. Thankfully he got everything back, he then drives 200 miles back the other way. After having about 30 minutes sleep in the past 24 hours, then the two thick fookers who are guests wanted to go fishing. I would have thrown the pair in the fooking river!

I wonder who it could have been?

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Not that is a corker that one. Couldn't happen to a nicer man. :-)

    Bob in Arbroath

  2. Damn it Monty, I need to change into some dry pants now. :oD

  3. Ha!!!! Brilliant

    Will from Notts! !

  4. The less than nimble one17 April 2017 at 19:09

    I'd love o know who the Laird's two best mates are

    1. Since when did flipping burgers at a dog track make you a chef?! Bit like describing Wayne Glossop as a master rod builder.

      Your on fire Specky!

    2. I'm sure the Spaniard would love to see me on fire, his on his way back as we speak from another jaunt. I expect the phone will go at some stage.;-0

  5. That is hilarious - has made my day.

    He's an angry little man at the best of times so he must have been in full on Jack Russell mode!


    1. I've no idea who you are JS? Yep the Spaniard is a wind up merchant, but I like the man. ;-0

  6. Made my day only just seen this Monty, never said a word to me when I dropped the keys off after mine and Sue's jaunt.