Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Tackle Tart? Moi?

This little beauty arrived far, far quicker than expected. So it will get an outing this Saturday, for a few hours before we hopefully bury Scotland in the Rugby, more to life than fishing especially when the slam is on again. Against a resurgent Scottish side, should be a corker and hammering that lot would be superb.

6' 3", one peice, casting weight of between a quarter of an ounce and half an ounce. It's been a many a year since I worried about those weights, but you have to grow up one day. It was in a sale from these guys here.

It looks like I got the last one in stock. Did I need yet another rod, well no. But like others I've not got young children, a large mortgage etc. Denise and I both work, what she spends on 'effing shoes could keep me in rods for life. It's a constant stream of deliveries that makes the late Imelda Marcos seem thrifty.

Only downside was the import duty, the robbing bastards. Just shy of £75.00! A proper piss take, though I've seen a rather tarty reel, that has drawn my attention to sit upon this in the near future.The import duty on that has the potential to really sting.

Have a look here.

The  river season still has a few days left in it. But the zealots have well and truly jumped the gun this time! I know it's one of Bob Roberts favourite bug bares, every time this topic raises it's ugly head. But Christ alive, this lot are a law unto themselves. You will need to drag and drop on the links, if you're so inclined.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Answer to title - Yes. But, were I into chucking plastic as much as you, I'd have lots too many rods as well. By the way, off to Florida in June and may pop into Bass Pro if you need anything ;o)

    As for the perennial debate. I'm inclined to let them fish for a few years. When they see the negative effect on their fishing, it will give them something to really gripe about - tossers.

    I hope you christen that rod with a big fat perch lover - be lucky.

    1. Dave,

      Fine offer in regards Bass Pro, I'll be in touch if something catches my eye. Though the selection they stock of casting reels is not what I'm after.

      With the close season debate. Hells teeth it's been doing the rounds for ten plus years. But to kick it off, while we can still fish is a little eager.

      Would I like to fish year round, most definitely. But making sweeping grandiose statements on the internet, makes me chuckle.

      Anglers policing themselves always makes me smile. In this seemingly catch at all costs Barbel world, would anglers leave spawning fish in peace? One club I used to belong too, roped of an area where Barbel were spawning late June and some clown still tried to fish it.

      Chub this summer we're cleaning up on the shallows on opening day. It never occurred to me, to cast a lure to them. I'm no saint and have pulled many strokes over the years. But my conscious is clear, mostly ;-0

    2. I blocked off a spawning area and put a No Fishing sign on it during one opening weekend. It was torn down and fished by some desperate hero who bragged at the fish he'd taken without a word, or thought about the potential damage he'd caused. Bunch of twats most of 'em, but then I'm preaching to the converted.

      'What's the best landing net' will be next.