Tuesday, 28 February 2017

A Face Made For Radio ?

No not mine that will come at the end of the blog. A few of us have been out the last few weeks, with the intention of just having fun. Do you remember that? No targets, no aims or objectives just to have a laugh and bank a few fish. Fish how you want kind of stuff, you get older and  waking up at 0430 for work during the week the last thing many of us need is goals to achieve on your day off. Ok I'm lying, if I don't get a least one Perch this season over four pounds, then I'm a proper wanker. So we have been Jack bashing with small cranks.

Do not however, invite this man over to join you. Let's call him Karl, he is the LAS magazine art director. But he has a passion for JDM gear, now I like my tackle with bespoke rods built over the years from Lumby, Barder, Marty at Wye Valley ect,ect. We fished together last weekend, the wind put paid to our Perch fishing and those tiny plucks. You're supposed to throw your lures in the wet stuff, not have it blown back behind you. So we had good sport with Jacks and it was a giggle, raker rash and airborne tail walking. Karl had two set up's with him a nice Megabass cranking stick and a very nice Evergreen model. Mmmm, it's been on my mind since Saturday after using his cranking stick. Last night I pulled the trigger and ordered a Megabass Tomahawk from Japan, a little naughty I guess? But why not, I don't piss it all up the wall as in years gone bye. You only live once etc, so yeah do it. A proper bad influence is the man.

Here be the face for radio. My angling hero, Mr Gruff down on Chew the other week, move over Matt and Mick your time is up. Step forward the Shoreman and Gruff the care homes heartthrobs.

Good luck on the Broads this week though treacle.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Nice piece of video that Mr S. Can't imagine fishing with quite so much emphasis on the filming myself, I'd only want my good side captured and I sit on that most of the time.

    Nice gurn in the top pic too :o)

    1. Jon does shoot some good footage I'll give you that. The big lad lost a big,big fish at the boat yesterday.Threw a large glider, he is is gutted. But that's a tale for him to tell.

      As for me, yeah look proper glum ;-0

  2. Great to see you've not lost it and still entertaining the masses old friend.........

    Unlike your football team. Whats going on?


    1. Rob,

      I've not been to the new stadium and nor will I. Mates who got season tickets loathe the place, they sell popcorn FFS!

      To me they should have stayed put, no need to move. Karen Brady, well every time I see her on TV the need to rip the box off the wall is strong. She bangs on about "Brand this, Brand That". The club as I new it is dead. Very corporate now people tell me. Day trip fans from other clubs and tourists.

      So yeah I'm not interested.

    2. Doesn't sound good at all mate and the reason a part of me hopes we don't get promoted which will bring the happy-clappers back. At the moment, we're still a proper club (not many left) and long may that continue.
      Time the masses took the game back.

  3. Come and watch Ipswich, Monty – living the Championship dream!

    1. Ben,

      I'll swerve that if you do not mind. At the old gaff it was always a laugh, irrespective of how poor we were.

      Now, sitting in a soulless stadium is not in my remit. Getting old and grumpy. I don't even get the 'ump now when we get turned over.