Saturday, 26 November 2016

Thank You

Thank you, no really thank you to the wanker or wankers who today screwed up Gruff and I's trip out. All week we had been looking forward to a days trolling on a club reservoir, a new club for us this season with plenty of still waters as well as river and canal fishing so we are able to cast a line when the almost predictable deluge arrives.

A ninety minute journey and we pulled up in the club car park, jumped out and headed to the lodge. Overnight some toerag had decided it was worth a chance to break in. They failed but managed to screw up the sliding door, that is for the time being fucked. We could not gain access to get the oars, the boat plug, anchors for when we decided to do some static lure fishing. How desperate do you have to be to try and nick that little lot. I'm a lot of things, but one thing that I'm not is a thief. Total and utter wankers. So while we waited for Trevor the bailiff  to arrive I took a couple of photos and had a peek at Gruffs large lures. The boats look somewhat forlorn, in that they are stuck on dry land when they should be afloat on a glorious morning like today.

Gruff has got seriously into his large lure fishing this season and has had some good Pike, including two nice fish recently from where we were today. This little lot below, is only half of what we had in the van. That's without my gear. We decided not to fish from the bank, as we only had a sladle  for the boat, no unhooking mat and a boat net.

Nice collection he is building up, the downside is that Liz and Gruff can't afford to eat cooked meals anymore as the gas has been cut off owing to unpaid bills. Yep we are both right pissed off. So once more thank you.

On a more lighthearted note, recently I'd learnt that Marks and Spencer had launched a Christmas breakfast menu. It includes "clementine, cranberry, pomegranate bucks fizz". "mini croissants stuffed with smoked salmon and scrambled eggs". Absolute disgrace and so over the top! My Christmas breakfast consists of half a Terry's chocolate  orange, two bottles of Old Peculiar and a large Glenmorangie. Then and only then do I even consider getting out of bed.

I'm off down the pub!

Be Lucky

Monty D

Friday, 11 November 2016

A Fair Point?

This skit made me laugh, I wonder if the Labour Party will take heed? Perhaps they will think about people in a different manner, who do not adhere to the vision of a socialist utopia? I doubt it to be frank. Lilly Allen is no doubt contemplating suicide as we speak.

I've a few friends who are very left wing. It makes for interesting times and what next for Europe? People are fed up of being told what to think. How to think and now they have made their voices ring loud like the bells on Christmas Day. As did we who voted for Brexit!

Be Lucky

Monty D

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Happy Now Carl?

Christ alive will you give me a break? For those that don't know I took the blog down in January simply as I was bored doing it. Only lure fishing this last few years, got boring to write about. But people have been asking me to start it again. It came to a head on Saturday, fishing with Carl it was "Blog,blog, blog, come on be a sport please?" "Ok all right, all right give me strength". Carl had that look of the well to do child in Waitrose shopping with his Mum, all puppy dog eyes and snot.

So what's happened. Last winter was a wash out on the rivers, I hardly fished preferring to go over West Ham. I'll come back to them and Karen Brady another time, as this one will sting.

Gruff and I have been fishing the big reservoirs for Pike and Perch since the Spring. Gruff sold his soul to the behemoth Chew Valley and fished here in May, with the legendary lure specialist Steve Le Maitre. I declined and kept my moral fibre intact, though after September's event I'll be around next year if we gain access.

They shared a good day boating a few with this the biggest to Gruff. Steve has a lot to answer for though. This photo here is one, he did not think to let Gruff know his hat was having a melt down. He looks like a cross between a matador and Deputy Dawg. Secondly Gruff is now permanently skint, owing to falling in love with big lures, so big that when cast into the water, fish jump out. Each week a new arrival lands from the states. I'll get a photo next week, when we meet up.

We also have been on Bewl reservoir a few times, looking for Pike but have only found small Perch like this and small Pike. Though not as small as this one that Gruff is holding out from Pitsford the other week. It rained, rained and rained some more. We both looked at each other and thought, we must me fucking mad. A tough, tough day and fourty anglers boated around fifthteen Pike. But we are learning as we go along.

In the summer I wanted a new rod for Crankbaits, my preferred lure fishing method. Marty at Wye Valley Rods, knocked me up this little beauty. Loads very easily and throws tiny cranks a mile with just the flick of your wrist. Had some great Chub sport this season, the first picture is a high "four" caught on a shallow bomber. The second one was caught two weeks ago coming in at a two ounces over five. I watched this fish follow and nail a Mark Houghton Trout Pattern Crank n Shad.  Perch fishing, not up to it's usual standard. Plenty of fish over two pounds, but none over the magic three. Carl did manage a new PB last Saturday of 2.9, he was shaking like a shitting dog, I kid you not! Glad I was on hand with the camera, once more well done.

I'll not do this to regularly, just as and when something fucks me off. Or when I fancy it. So in the words of Russel Crowe " Are you not entertained?"

Be Lucky

Monty D