Friday, 11 November 2016

A Fair Point?

This skit made me laugh, I wonder if the Labour Party will take heed? Perhaps they will think about people in a different manner, who do not adhere to the vision of a socialist utopia? I doubt it to be frank. Lilly Allen is no doubt contemplating suicide as we speak.

I've a few friends who are very left wing. It makes for interesting times and what next for Europe? People are fed up of being told what to think. How to think and now they have made their voices ring loud like the bells on Christmas Day. As did we who voted for Brexit!

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Politics has reached a fork in the road, it's all change from here on.

    Great piece of educated, controlled ranting. Is he on BFW?

    1. Dave,

      Our American clients predicted a Trump victory back in February. They were for Clinton coming from New York, Boston and Seattle. But they explained vast swathes of the country despised Hilary.

      Last week they were piling into Swiss Francs in readiness. Doubt he is on Fatwa, to educated :-) Glad I'm not fishing today, pissing down here.

  2. Some fair points, and I do enjoy a good rant.

    The left hasn't come up with any new ideas for over 60 years, and its paucity of new ideas, collective lack of nous and obsession with political correctness has allowed the right to frame the debate around all the major issues about their neo-liberal values. Blair was, in many aspects, to the right of John Major, and now under Comrade Corbyn all that they have to offer is based on some rehashed, Keynesian economics which will do fuck-all to improve the lives of the 'socially-conservative, economically left' voters who traditionally formed their power base. These are the people who have been left behind by the forces of globalisation and technological change, and have increasingly marginalised by destruction of labour laws, the proliferation of zero hours contracts, rocketing house prices and the contrast between their lives and those people sucking ever more out of the system at the top of the heap. And I'm not sure Brexit or Trump will do much to improve their lot, pissing ones pants to stay as a means of keeping warm is never a great idea - but we will see.

    And as for political correctness - I think Carlin called it right decades ago,'fascism pretending to be manners':

    Trump does have, or did, one redeeming feature, and that's the fact that around 1.45 on Weds am he was trading at 7.2 on Betfair, Boom! I gladly filled my boots - thanks Donald, that was quite a touch.

    Yours smugly,


    1. Joe,

      Trump was trading at 7/1 first thing;-0. Though he was 150/1 when he threw his hat into the ring. Eloquently put as ever.