Friday, 28 August 2015

New Toy

I'll admit I am a tackle tart, much preferring to have rods built than buy off the self models. Does it make me a better angler, not in the slightest. But getting up for work each day at 0430 and doing what I do, well new gear makes me smile.

Yesterday my new baitcasting rod arrived, built by Marty at Wye Valley Angling see here

I've had rods made over the years by Barder, Mark Tunley and Dave Lumb. All make great rods and Marty is the same. When Marty and I spoke, we discussed what I wanted, action of the rod and colour scheme to blend in with the reel. Like I said and unashamed tart! It  has a casting weight of between 5 and 28 grams, though I've been throwing as small as three gram jig heads in the back garden today. And Marty tells me it will shift 35 grams, so it covers all I need.

So well happy with the quality of the rod and the advice Marty gave me me. If you're in the market for a new toy, maybe give him a call and see what he can do? I'll use mine over the weekend.

One for the Welsh

Seeing  that's it's a Bank Holiday here in the UK, may as well do some national stereotyping. Calm down my Celtic brethren it's a joke, or is it?

Be Lucky

Monty D

Saturday, 22 August 2015


A few weeks back I mentioned how hard fishing on my rivers is in August, for me anyhow. The last two trips reinforce that view.

Last Sunday my wife Denise mentioned in the week that she fancied joining me. How do you get out of that one? People said "Don't be a fool" or "No way would I ever let my misses join me fishing". But she would not be swayed and came along for a few hours. She was to act as my ghillie, do what I say when I say. Never easy with Denise, trust me she likes to question everything.

The net was not needed, the recent rain had made the river rise by a couple of feet and colour up badly. But she enjoyed herself when she was not sleeping, she can fall asleep on a washing line the girl. On the way out of the fishery a Stote popped up and hissed at her, she screamed! City girl my lady through and through. She did say though "I reckon that creature had never seen a black face befor hence the reaction." Gotta love her for her sense of humour.

Today a different beat and a meet up with The Dutchman, AKA Croydon Carl in  the hope of some good Chub that inhabit this stretch of river. You would have thought with the weather being so hot the Chub would be bang on the surface lures. Not a chance they had not read the script and by christ it was hot. Just navigating along the pathways was a chore, late summer and the foliage is still over head high and thick. Very few anglers about where myself and a few mates fish.

So yeah, scratching for a few fish. The Dutchman managed two Jacks before departing around 10.30 to do yet another BBQ for his lot. I hung it out until 12.30 and had four Perch all about this stamp. Normally I'd not bother to take a photo of small fish, but the blog does need some piscean content. It's tough at present, very.

In the week a mate asked if I was "up" for some Barbel fishing soon and in short the answer is no. We used to fish all of the Berkshire rivers, Pats, Loddon, Kennet and we had some good times. The problem with our local Surrey rivers, for me anyhow, is that they are slow and sluggish in comparison to those in Berks. And  do not inspire me in any way. Shame but at present it does not float my boat.

It may change come the Autumn, but if you look at Fatwa you would think Barbel fishing has had it's day. Glass half empty, or glass half full? I'll let you decide.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Senior Moment

OK so Alzheimers is really no laughing matter, my Nan passed away from this illness and friends have relatives that are suffering too. But life is always around to give you a lift mostly.

Kev" McGruff" Daly phoned me today, it went a little like this......

The group secretary put a call through to me.

"Jason I've got that northern Monkey from Doncaster you fish with on the phone, can you take the call?"
"Yeah sure"

KMD " Alright kid, I've just received a text and it says from JB, but I do not recognize the number it may be Howsie mucking about"

Me" Probably Howsie mate, let me have the number and I'll look for it on my mobile"

KMD " Hold on, where's me phone, has anyone seen my phone, where's my 'effing phone?"

Me "Mate your using it to talk to me"

KMD "Oh FFS, it's all getting to much"

I've not laughed like that in ages. Priceless you silly old sod , utterly priceless.

KMD has though recently taken over the Walton-On-Thames PAC region with his mate as joint RO's, details of which can be found here. Good luck with this lads.

This came through the post late last week from overseas and a rod to go with it should be here soon. In the close season I was given some casting lessons with a baitcasting outfit by a geezer called Steve Wade. Got in a right mess, but got the basics.

So I thought sod it, bite the bullet and get your own set up. Learning to cast with a centerpin was pretty easy to be honest. With this, it may be a very slow learning curve. Need to have patience, plenty of it after looking at the videos on Youtube.

Be Lucky.

Who am I again?

Oh yeah.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Roll Up Roll Up

A total and unashamed blog post this evening. Firstly I buy these lures and I'm not getting a kick back in anyway. But Mark Houghton, purveyor of these beauties maybe "Jacking it in". I'll be honest it must be very hard to make a living at this game.

Hours spent hunched over a work bench, covered in wood dust, body and eyes aching. Not for me even if I could make these lures.

They do catch fish, trust me they do. Hand made by Mark and christ knows how much time and effort goes into making these.

They are finished to an extremely high standard, and when you can see them working you can understand why they catch. Yep the conditions are tough at present on the rivers, but they have pulled fish out for me.

So if you fancy getting some look here....

Yeah I know I don't do Face Book, but needs and must's.

Or here....

I get plenty of views on here from America, how about it my American cousins. You can order with complete confidence. As I say an unashamed plug, but I think it's worth it.

Lastly this, it simply had to be done. "Put it on the slate Dave" One last time.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Saturday, 1 August 2015


Probably my least favourite angling month, looking back over the years this particular time on the rivers that I fish is always tough. Irrespective of how I choose to fish. Levels tend to be low and the weed has taken hold with a vengeance.Today was no different.

The day got off to a bad start, arriving at the station and an announcement bellowed "Due to over running engineering works all trains are subject to late running and cancellations". That was enough for me to accuse South West Trains, of being akin to a lady's genitalia and then some. A journey that should take twenty minutes morphed into ninety.

Arrived much later than normal and set about fishing. Hard, very hard today. Two small Perch of about a pound from the swim above. Then a long walk to a favourite shady pool of mine that always holds fish.

Not today though, this was the only other fish to grace my net. She followed the lure twice before turning away. Next cast I could see her following again, so pausing the retrieve drew a response. Madame shot forward, mouth wide open and gulp. Nice chunky little girl who will make someone very happy later in the season. Surprised no Pike  played ball today, but it's not a blank session so one must not grumble. But as I've mentioned August on my venues can be tough.

Moving on news came into the Yat phone in the week, that caused a sharp intake of breath and a solemn head shake.What ails me? Well the American channel HBO, has plans to give All Creatures Great and Small the Hollywood treatment. To make it "Glossier" and "Sexier".

Fuck right off with this idea. If like I you were brought up in the seventies and eighties, this was Sunday evening television. A comfort blanket if you will, to soothe the soul. Sundays growing up in our house went thus.

Dad down the pub at lunchtime, while Mum hit the valium and the staff cooked dinner, us Dalrymples have employed some good people over the years. Dinner over. Dad snored his bollocks off on the sofa, Mum played bridge with her friends. While I played Space Invaders on the Atari.

Then All Creatures Great and Small came on and we all convened in the west wing. So please Mr. HBO, leave it as it is. It's part of OUR past . Mrs Pumphrey's dog Tricki Woo was a Pekinese. If the Yanks get hold of it, it will no doubt be a Pit Bull named Tyson!

I'll not even start on the prick who shot Cecil the Lion. But just a thought for any of you Big Game Hunters who are looking in. How about instead of getting a hard on, over the recoil of a gun. You simply take a photo? Leave only footprints and look back on treasured memories.

Be Lucky

Monty D