Saturday, 28 March 2015

Doppelgangers of the Angling World Part XXXIV

Well it's time for another one of these, so without further ado may I present the now legendary Wheadlstone Raider, with a nice twenty from last season.

And below we have fellow PAC member and all round top boy, for the Suffolk PAC region Mr. Jason Skilton. Do not mess with my name sake as he can be "Pwoper Nawty", if he plays up. You have been warned.

Well the close season is now upon us, the annual close season debate strangely has not come to the fore as of yet. It has been surpassed massively by a debate about these bastards!

These evil, wicked creatures in some eyes are the main reason that the hallowed River Prince is in steep decline. If you dare to use these as bait, well the pox on you and then some. Barbel forum land is awash with anglers who have suddenly acquired a doctorate in piss and hot air.

Little Richie Framptom is back, yapping away like the good old days. But this time it's personal, he is  now his own man-woof! Fuck me lads, come on really. What next? A Barbel Record to raise funds maybe for this species. A little like the old Michael Jackson song......"We are the world, we are the anglers who will build the boris a better place". All dressed in real tree, swaying arm in arm. Still if it makes you happy lads, crack on.

Has anyone donned some scuba gear and asked the Barbel what they would like?

"Hello Mr. Barbel, my name is Boris God, how can we help you"
"Well you can fuck off for a start mate, we never asked for a Society to be named in our honor, we have done OK for hundreds of years on our own. So I suggest you piss off and get a life"

Trout season starts next week and sadly my application to join the Houghton Club has been blackballed yet again, cannot for the life of me think why? So I will be out elsewhere chasing "Spotties".

Enjoy your weekend.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Things Happen For A Reason

Things happen for a reason, that's what my wife says all the time. Me well I'm more of a  shit happens kind of person. Seldom do I fish on a Sunday, normally that is a family day for us. But with Denise working last night and me working yesterday, the need for a few hours  angling was strong . And who wants to creep about the house while your beloved sleeps?

Conditions are coming good at last, just as the season draws to a close. I'll not get involved in the annual debate over the close season, that's one for me to sit out,  very rare for me not to have an opinion I know, but the annual debate is futile in my view.

Stunning morning to be out and I started  using little imitation cray fish, gently hoping them back, giving them a twitch a slow pull. Just after I took this photo I had a hook up and a good Perch was shaking it's head and as I reached for the net and it looked around three pound, then inexplicably the hook pulled. " Noooooooooooo", to late in the season for this to happen. Gutted, really pissed off gutted.

I stomped off downstream to see Gruff who was dead baiting on the lower beat and he was into a few Jacks after loosing a good fish early doors. He said "Son you look reet pissed off, we need a photo for your blog". "Yeah triffic, thanks pal"


I fished the lower beat for an hour or so for just a couple of knocks, walked back passed Gruff and said "I'm going to give it an hour upstream then get the train home mate"

Back to the area I lost a fish this morning, a huge sweeping bend that  has always been a favorite of mine. Time was ticking bye, shads, spinnerbaits no joy. I clipped on a jig fly, cast way downstream and started the retrieve. it's coming in, nearly ready to lift out, then time stood still.

From right under my feet in no more than two foot of water a large Perch shot out, turned, twisted and the lure was gone, right near the surface. I had stopped fishing, just held the rod, gawping at what was being played out just feet away in the clear water. I could not quantify what I was witnessing, literally the whole scene was akin to a  nature movie, then the rod hooped over and I snapped out of my stupor.

No finesses in this fight, short line, one dive from the Perch then scooped up into the net. I left her to rest and just played the scene out in my head over and over. I'll be forty five next month, fished since I was ten and that was without doubt the most exciting thing ever in my angling life. To watch it on lets say Youtube would have been great from a bystanders point of view. But for it to happen, mere feet from me has blown my mind.

The jig fly was way back in the mouth. I'm sure it was the fish I lost earlier in the day, same area everything. She weighed in at 3.2, not the largest Perch I've caught from this river by a long way. But what happened today, will live long, very long in the memory when I'm old and I can just look back and grin.

So as Denise would say "Things happen for a reason", she may be right? As If I had not lost this fish  and I am positive it's the same Perch from earlier on , then what happened a few hours later would not be on here.

I phoned Gruff, but he said I was babbling away. Yeah I was, still am! What a thing to see, simply bloody amazing!

I'll not fish next week. End the season on a high and with Cheltenham looming I'll be fit for fuck all by next weekend anyway.

Be Lucky

Monty D