Sunday, 20 December 2015

The Humble Spinner

The last few weeks have seen the rivers up and up again, not just here but countrywide. I've struggled to get any enthusiasm to go out. Had a short session on the canal drop shotting for micro Perch, not my thing at all. Sure the merits are  there for  all to see as a competition tool. But I fish for pleasure so will not be fishing this way again. It bored me and catching sight of my reflection, holding the rod in a pen grip I thought "You look a bigger prick than normal"

So finally for a few days only by the looks of it,  the sheer volume of water has dropped giving me half a chance. Still holding a fair amount of colour, so I dug about in the box for a copper coloured spinner, quite unfashionable now. I thought I'd blank but it turned out well.

This Jack hit the lure three times in a row in three casts. Twice it went airborne and shook the hooks, the third time I struck harder and he was in the net. Who said Pike are daft? Nicked a few more about the same stamp, good hits and cracking fun.

This one was the best of it, none big but what can you complain about it if you're getting hook ups and sport.

Carl phoned me at 11.30 and said he was about for an hour. I was close to packing up at noon and made my way back down to where my last cast area is. Never, ever had a decent Perch from here but always holds Pike. Too coloured for Perch today in my eyes. First cast nothing, second cast and a hook up on a tasty Perch. In the net she looked a close three. Quick phone call "Mate I'm in stumps, nice Perch in the net can you come and take a photo"

Carl's on his way. I can see the trebles in the net, so thought get the hooks out and put the rod away safe out of harm's way in this tight spot.

Then it went wrong, the net was snagged on a log. I pulled too hard Mr. Perch flipped in the net, I grabbed for it and splosh gone. All Carl could see was me over the net and a "Nooooooo" on the breeze. Fair play he did not laugh, but a moment gone. But he's right I suppose when he said "You still caught it though mate". True enough. So yeah happy with this session.

Now will it ever stop raining?

It's now nearly Christmas, as ever I simply must add a Carol. And I'll be climbing down from Yat Rock now, to put my feet up.

May I wish you all a Merry Christmas.

And that as they say is that.

Be lucky, no infact be very lucky.

Monty Dalrymple


  1. Dropping a prized fish before its met the weigh sling is a fact of life mate, we've all done it. Mind you, if I did it with a 3lb perch I'd probably jump in after it!

    Have a good 'un :o)

    1. More to come I'm sure, though the river is rising again. Less rain please.

  2. Wots wi' all these grey an' white photos then, Monty dear boy? Couldn't appreciate the copper lure with no colour!! I hope the Stilton appreciates the forthcoming battle with the fiery pickles, matey! You an' yours have a grand time of it and all your loyal followers an' all. We're off to France and elder daughters again this year... for oodles of the red stuff an' iffy cheeses... though there will be some Neal's Yard Colton Basset to go with the oozy Camenbert etc, I'm sure, Awraverybest X

    1. Oz,

      Normally it's cold and bleak now. So I took a few pictures in monochrome for a change.

      Finished work now until January. The cheese was bought on Friday. Had some early last night, with the pickled onions. They have come out spot on, though bloody hot.

      Enjoy France ;-0

  3. Merry Christmas to you and the good lady. And if you do get out over the break, stay safe mate. :o)

  4. I aim to be, levels are high again I've just checked.Bollocks!