Saturday, 31 October 2015

Canal Session

Living  where we do our local rivers tend to rise very quickly in the Autumn and Winter and hold a tea colouration for a length of time. Great for some species, less so for others. This week we have had the first proper flush through for ages. Two of my club waters are around three feet or so up with tons of crap coming down, no good then for lure fishing.

I've needed a backup venue for a while now, done some looking about in the close season and came up with a canal for some winter sport. The first time in around fifteen years that has seen me wet a line on a water like this.

Where to start though, going in blind. Gruff and I had four hours this morning  and I expected to blank. Loads of leaves on the surface and mid water. The bottom was thick with them, well out of our comfort zone here. Few features and long blank stretches.

Tough fishing in that presentation was a nightmare on a straight retrieve, the surface debris was dragging my Kyopto all over the place. Gruff was busy casting at squirrels again, hell bent on losing every lure and trace I gave him. Seemingly intent to "Deck The Halls" about six weeks early. He did manage a Jack though and methinks he is getting the lure bug.  

Fish were active though, small silvers were jumping clear all along the canal. But only where the leaves were, the few clear spaces proved fruitless. I went down to a tiny one inch lure and tried slow jigging, hopping them back. It worked after some playing around in that I managed to nick Twelve Perch, dropped three and lost a Jack of about eight pound at the net. The best one below, small compared to our river venues, but something different.

The plus points, no other anglers and a change of scenery and a few fish. The downside, joggers, cyclists, bike riders, ramblers, canoes and heaps of dog shit! This will only ever be a back up water, not somewhere I'd choose to fish if our rivers are in good trim. But nice to have an option, but if my only angling would be on a canal. Well, I'd play a lot more golf than I do now.  

With my Extending Arms Its a Good Three Plus (cough).

A great weeping and a wailing on social media this week over the demise of CAT. Where are the Barbel experts going to peddle their product placement now? What is to happen to the "Coventry Comb Over",  Mr. Pope and even that happy go lucky chap Pete Reading. I feel your pain brothers of the angle.

But face facts, since this issue below around four years ago. The magazine has been on a downward spiral. This was the pinnacle, after that. Sweet fuck all!

Be Lucky

Monty D

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Pike Blank

 I think today could have been my first blank trip of the season, perhaps fishing poorly resulted in no fish. Or the first frost of the Autumn last night put the fish down. But the curse of "I've kitted myself out with some lure gear, fancy giving me some tips" put the mockers on it.

Gruff and I got out together, for the first time in ages. I'm no teacher, expert or owt.  And not fishing for the last three weeks has made me pretty irritable to say the least. But we moved to a river across the county border in search of a decent Pike or two. 

And we did not have a sniff of a fish. No real problem is it, as Gruff said "It's called fishing kid and not catching". Blank trips do not bother me, when you're on the water in such glorious weather, having a natter, a catch up who can complain. Your a  fucking jynx mate, see you next season!

This little lot, tangled my lure on one retrieve, it did have a trace of sorts. But it was pretty poor as I pulled it apart by hand. It had a rubber coating and some very fine like wire running through it, never comes across this before. Still got another lure out of it.

Gruff took a quick snap of me putting a lure out to the far bank. Really enjoying using a bait casting outfit, it is nowhere near as hard as my original concerns, being a clumsy sort of person. Good to be back out after work, work,work. Coops hopefully will be down mid November for his Perch auction day. Your call Coops, thumbs up or down for Gruff to come along? Yeah a nice quick four hour leg stretch today.


The painting below was done by Sir John Gilbert in the nineteenth century, entitled  "Morning of the Battle of Agincourt". It's my favourite, plenty of books over the years both fact and fiction have been devoured by me on this subject. As a nation we have some great history, though we could maybe do with some chaps with Longbows  on the French side of the channel tunnel at present. Problem solved surely?

My lot West Ham. So far I've been proved wrong, my initial thoughts were we would implode under our new manager. At present we are playing well, the real test is when we have a dip in form. Easy to manage when you are winning, when you're not. Well look at poor Jose at ours yesterday after being sent to the stands as we beat Chelsea 2-1.

He looks like a Fox who has been "lamped".

Lastly I'll get this in early. Gents  a Christmas social on Saturday December the  twelfth? We  don't get together like we used to, so rather than call and text I'm putting it on here.

Mr. DD, Glen C, Carl, KCI, Gruff, Rich The Float Maker. A little laugh prior to Christmas on a local stretch for Pike and Perch. What say you?

Be Lucky

Monty D