Thursday, 10 September 2015

Small Pred's

Between going away for a few days, I did manage to squeeze in a couple of trips. Bank holiday weekend saw me head off down the river to try out my new outfit. Jacks, Jacks and yet more Jacks were intent on hurling themselves at every lure used.

But no dramas ensured with the dreaded "bird nests", sure a couple popped up but these were easy to pull through. After a while everything was fine, apart from no Perch showed, again.

So next time out, threw my Loomis ultra light rod in the quiver and decided to fish small spinners, imitation crays and stick baits. Hoping that by fishing them slow along the bottom the small Pike would be avoided. Sure all Pike are good fun, but not when I'm targeting Perch.

The Perch showed in numbers, but not in size, a lost unseen fish in a known Perch hole has me wondering though. Trying to convince myself it was a Pike, but it's one that will keep me awake at night of that I'm sure. It had that head thump of a good Perch, felt very, very solid too. Until the hook slipped. One of those moments, when the heart pumps and your mouth goes dry and you think-shit!  

I'll not complain overly, as fish are being banked and it's all good fun. But you want a few nice fish before the Autumn deluge arrives and scuppers my plans.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Glad you took to the baitcaster mucker, piece o' piss 'ennit. You can still fish lure style with worms on weighted hooks during high water... or join the barbelists :o)

    1. Dave,

      Found it far easier to cast from the side, as opposed over arm with the high foliage. Still could ping a lure out a good distance once I played about with the braking system. Started off with heavier lures and cut it back to a small 6 gram crank.

      I reckon using a 'Pin for years helped with the old thumb on the spool mentality. Also tried for Chub recently on the top, had an absolute dog of Chub launch clear of the water only to miss the lure in a big way. Bloody exciting!

      It's good for me, not driving and short sessions with minimal tacle. But when the rains comes it will no doubt be about drowning meat and nodding off ;-0

  2. I've only fished a few times with a multiplier/baitcaster type reel and It has to be said they are rather good for playing fish, being in direct contact and all that. Latterly I think Sir John of Wilson used to use a multiplier for barbel fishing, before he jumped ship to Thailand that is.

    But seriously though, that red line looks a bit blingy, is you a gangster rapper innit?


  3. Joe,

    Red Power Pro was free, gift horse mouth etc. I hear you may be meeting up out east with the Dutchman, next week.

    Need to ask him, how is struggling so much ;-0