Saturday, 12 September 2015

Pretty Girl

At dawn, creeping around in the damp today after a good Chub on surface lures resulted in abject failure. The summer has seen me try and nick one over five pounds on a insect lure. Had a few but way smaller than the target weight.

Three hours, three blood stained, racker rash hours saw me waving the white flag of submission. Not a swim, nay a cast would let me even get close to my chosen quarry. The Pike when they were not twisting and turning, while my finger was being ripped to bits. Were jumping clear with gay abandon, missing the lure by miles and doing somersaults. Every Chub in the vicinity were scared witless and slunk away. Time possibly has done for me with this little quest for now.

Change of plan, walk around two miles back downstream and try and see if a decent Perch was about. Little problem, only one tiny Kopyto in my bag, all the other lures were for surface fishing. If I got "Jacked" it may have been game over. Plastic fucked, good night and god bless.

I'll admit I cheated, chose a swim that does hold good Perch. It's not been fished by me at all this season. But, well you know how it is at times sporting behaviour get's kicked into touch. Six casts and a little nibble, slow tap. Next cast, really slowed the retrieve down and whack. I play my lure caught Perch hard, get them into the net before they realise what is going on. Just as well as the hook was out into the net.

A very chunky fish and not put on the scales, my tendency is not to bother unless they look like going three pounds or over. But photos can be very deceiving as to what you see in the flesh. Recently social media has been in a tizz over a reported four pound Perch from Grafham on a LAS day. Looking at that photo from Grafham, it looks like it would hardly make a three pound fish. But who can tell, why would an angler lie? What happens in the dark comes out in the light surely? Me, well this little stunner above I'd give around 2.8lbs. Many anglers will never see a decent Perch, so jump on the bandwagon that is Face Prowler  and piss and moan. Perhaps today she should have been weighed, but why? Not every fish needs a weight, she was a belter. So thanks darling, the pleasure is all mine.

Now next Saturday McGruff and I are supposed to be attending the PAC Convention. But if the rivers are in such good nick, what is a man to do. Spend the day on the river and maybe catch the fish of your dreams. Or spend it in a conference center with a load of hairy arsed Pikers.

Please don't rain, please don't rain.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Good read mucker. Stay away from the PAC mate, they all wear camo and smell of smelt.

    1. I don't mind the smell of Smelt mate, but coming back from a trip on the train smelling of Mackerel has given me some odd looks.

  2. I wouldn't care over weights either if they look as pretty as that Monty.
    That first picture took my breath away. Make a nice painting.

    1. Rich,

      If I was going to get one painting done, it would be off this Perch from 2011. Like this photo.

  3. This perch is prettier but the gears prettier in the other one ;o)

    Tried everything for the big perch at my secret squirrel lake this season but just too many jacks to avoid. Thinking about trying drop shotting with tiny jellies but not done it before so still swotting up for the Autumn.

    1. If you're free Saturday week pop over? This weekend will be no good as the river is rising and colouring up at present, with more rain to come :-(

      If it runs off your welcome, I owe you.

  4. You owe nada mate, just a cupla floats. Pay it forward, that was the deal.
    Great heads up on the lures a blog or two ago. Just waiting for my order any day now. :o)

  5. Rich,

    Marks lures normally take about three to four weeks from your order. I'll get you over, but the rain that's falling now and forecast for the next week or so, will screw the Perch fishing up.

    The river will fall, but the colour takes an age to drop out at this time of year. But it will flush the weed through though.

    I have a little back up plan, need to take a stroll first before deciding ;-0