Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Senior Moment

OK so Alzheimers is really no laughing matter, my Nan passed away from this illness and friends have relatives that are suffering too. But life is always around to give you a lift mostly.

Kev" McGruff" Daly phoned me today, it went a little like this......

The group secretary put a call through to me.

"Jason I've got that northern Monkey from Doncaster you fish with on the phone, can you take the call?"
"Yeah sure"

KMD " Alright kid, I've just received a text and it says from JB, but I do not recognize the number it may be Howsie mucking about"

Me" Probably Howsie mate, let me have the number and I'll look for it on my mobile"

KMD " Hold on, where's me phone, has anyone seen my phone, where's my 'effing phone?"

Me "Mate your using it to talk to me"

KMD "Oh FFS, it's all getting to much"

I've not laughed like that in ages. Priceless you silly old sod , utterly priceless.

KMD has though recently taken over the Walton-On-Thames PAC region with his mate as joint RO's, details of which can be found here. Good luck with this lads.


This came through the post late last week from overseas and a rod to go with it should be here soon. In the close season I was given some casting lessons with a baitcasting outfit by a geezer called Steve Wade. Got in a right mess, but got the basics.

So I thought sod it, bite the bullet and get your own set up. Learning to cast with a centerpin was pretty easy to be honest. With this, it may be a very slow learning curve. Need to have patience, plenty of it after looking at the videos on Youtube.

Be Lucky.

Who am I again?

Oh yeah.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Nice bit of kit there buddy. You'll be fine with it. Play about with the brake to stop the spool spinning and don't try to cast to the horizon. Learn to use your thumb to stop the spool also and that will solve everything, but until then just make use of that brake (but only enough brake, not too much, not too little). Good luck and enjoy the birdy nests!

    1. Paul,

      I've watched your video numerous times about "How to use a baitcaster". It will be a good laugh all the same ;-0

  2. Are all your mates mad? Okay, don't answer that one :o)

    Baitcasters are brilliant mate. I was putting my lures right up next to the far bank and under bushes etc when my mate (who's got all the finesse of a donkey) wanted a go. Ten minutes later he was doing the same.

    Just set the casting drag right and its a peace of wee wee and much, much easier than faffing about with a pram wheel.

    Good luck..... don't forget the swear box.

    1. All mad, well it does help I suppose Dave.

  3. Dave you have to be mad to be mates with the lad. But you know that already don't you

    1. Kev,

      Is this true?


    2. Let's say I had a sneaking suspicion ;o)