Saturday, 22 August 2015


A few weeks back I mentioned how hard fishing on my rivers is in August, for me anyhow. The last two trips reinforce that view.

Last Sunday my wife Denise mentioned in the week that she fancied joining me. How do you get out of that one? People said "Don't be a fool" or "No way would I ever let my misses join me fishing". But she would not be swayed and came along for a few hours. She was to act as my ghillie, do what I say when I say. Never easy with Denise, trust me she likes to question everything.

The net was not needed, the recent rain had made the river rise by a couple of feet and colour up badly. But she enjoyed herself when she was not sleeping, she can fall asleep on a washing line the girl. On the way out of the fishery a Stote popped up and hissed at her, she screamed! City girl my lady through and through. She did say though "I reckon that creature had never seen a black face befor hence the reaction." Gotta love her for her sense of humour.

Today a different beat and a meet up with The Dutchman, AKA Croydon Carl in  the hope of some good Chub that inhabit this stretch of river. You would have thought with the weather being so hot the Chub would be bang on the surface lures. Not a chance they had not read the script and by christ it was hot. Just navigating along the pathways was a chore, late summer and the foliage is still over head high and thick. Very few anglers about where myself and a few mates fish.

So yeah, scratching for a few fish. The Dutchman managed two Jacks before departing around 10.30 to do yet another BBQ for his lot. I hung it out until 12.30 and had four Perch all about this stamp. Normally I'd not bother to take a photo of small fish, but the blog does need some piscean content. It's tough at present, very.

In the week a mate asked if I was "up" for some Barbel fishing soon and in short the answer is no. We used to fish all of the Berkshire rivers, Pats, Loddon, Kennet and we had some good times. The problem with our local Surrey rivers, for me anyhow, is that they are slow and sluggish in comparison to those in Berks. And  do not inspire me in any way. Shame but at present it does not float my boat.

It may change come the Autumn, but if you look at Fatwa you would think Barbel fishing has had it's day. Glass half empty, or glass half full? I'll let you decide.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Its nice that you and the stoat botherer managed a trip together mate. Buying her a rod for Christmas? ;o)

    1. No chance, "D" can use one of my spares. We all have way too many, the spare room is festooned with tackle.

    2. I bet she out fishes you... mine always does!

  2. Yep August isn't the greatest fishing month of the year, a good time to dust of the golf clubs and lose some balls.

    The Dutchman - I hear he's a bit of a forager these days, so no doubt the early departure was to pick up some roadkill he'd spotted earlier that morning. Which reminds me:

    Barbel/fatwa - makes you wonder how the species has managed to survived tens of thousands of years living sharing an ecosystem with animals that predate them (shock horror!)....


    1. Joe,

      He was in awe of all the Sloes knocking about, then waxed lyrical about his allotment mate.

      As for the Barbel chatter, it does make me chuckle.

    2. Might have to change his nickname to 'Good Life'

  3. Went back for that stoat. Was a real treat with plum sauce....don't knock it til you've tried it.