Friday, 28 August 2015

New Toy

I'll admit I am a tackle tart, much preferring to have rods built than buy off the self models. Does it make me a better angler, not in the slightest. But getting up for work each day at 0430 and doing what I do, well new gear makes me smile.

Yesterday my new baitcasting rod arrived, built by Marty at Wye Valley Angling see here

I've had rods made over the years by Barder, Mark Tunley and Dave Lumb. All make great rods and Marty is the same. When Marty and I spoke, we discussed what I wanted, action of the rod and colour scheme to blend in with the reel. Like I said and unashamed tart! It  has a casting weight of between 5 and 28 grams, though I've been throwing as small as three gram jig heads in the back garden today. And Marty tells me it will shift 35 grams, so it covers all I need.

So well happy with the quality of the rod and the advice Marty gave me me. If you're in the market for a new toy, maybe give him a call and see what he can do? I'll use mine over the weekend.

One for the Welsh

Seeing  that's it's a Bank Holiday here in the UK, may as well do some national stereotyping. Calm down my Celtic brethren it's a joke, or is it?

Be Lucky

Monty D




    1. Joe,

      I'm concerned mate and knowing what you do for a living ;-0


      The Scene: John Trovolta and Samuel J. Jackson sitting in car talking.
      (Pulp Fiction music fades off...)

      S: Ok, so tell me again about the Welsh.

      J: Whaddya wanna know?

      S: Beastiality is legal there right?

      J: Yeah, its legal but it ain't a 100% legal. I mean you can't just walk into a field, pick up a sheep and start pumpin' away. They wan't you to shag sheep in your home or certain designated places.

      S: And those are valleys?

      J: Ok, it breaks down like this: its legal to buy a sheep, its legal to own a sheep and if you're a farmer its legal to sell or loan sheep, its ILLEGAL to fuck sheep in public but...but...but that doesn't matter 'cos, getta loada this, the police in Wales are too stupid to notice you've got
      a sheep hanging off your dick. I mean that's the interlect the police in Wales DON'T have.

      S: Arrr man. I'm not goin', that's all there is too it, I'm never fuckin'goin'.

      J: Nah man, you'd hate it the most. But do know what the funniest thing about Wales is?

      S: What?

      J: Its the little differences, I mean they got the same kinda people over there as we got here, but there they're a little different.

      S: Example.

      J: Ok. You can walk into a Movie theatre in Cardiff and order a lump of coal, and I'm not talkin' about no paper cup, I'm talkin' about a LUMP of coal. And in Swansea you can buy coal in MacDonalds. Do you know what they call a 1/4 pounder with cheese in Wales?

      S: They don't call it a 1/4 pounder with cheese?

      J: Nah man, they don't have fractions, they wouldn't know what the fuck a 1/4 pounder is.

      S: So whadda they call it?

      J: A (assumes welsh accent) "Ham and Cheese Sandwhichchchch".

      S: A Ham and Cheese Sandwichchchchch?

      J: That's right.

      S: And whadda they call a Big Mac?

      J: A Big Macs a Big Mac but there they call it a Bich Machch (accent again).

      S: (immitating accent badly) A Bichch Machchchchchchch?

      J: Ha ha ha

      S: Whadda they call a Whopper?

      J: I don't know, I didn't go outside. Do you know what they put on French Fries in Swansea instead of ketch-up?

      S: What?

      J: Coal.

      S: Arrr man...

      J: I,ve seen 'um do it man, they fuckin' drown 'um in that shit.

    3. PS - I'm not sure about the new rod. For a start where's the faux-walnut reel seat? And no hamster-hoops ? Really?..

  2. What's that around the base of the butt ring mate? Looks like you've been a tad over excited by your new toy. Looks like it will do the biz though, hope you get on with it.

    Being quite close to the boarder I can hear the muttered grumblings of revenge from the natives. You may well be a marked man :o)

    1. Dave,

      Stand firm mon brave.-) Bit of a hangover after we turned Liverpool over yesterday, the first time since 1963.

    2. I’ve been to a special screening of said film with the outlaws – Outstanding is all I can say... Nice plush carpet there, Monty. What a result for you lot yesterday too!

    3. Have the 'ammers got two sides or something? Talk about Jekyll and Hyde!

  3. Ben,

    The Times reviewed it on Friday and recommended it highly.


    Not got a clue what's going on, but more exciting after the years of "Fat Sam" and his ethos.

  4. At least the Welsh are up front about their ovine predilections, unlike those miscreants from just across the border....