Monday, 20 July 2015

A Bit Of A "Do"

Something slightly different last Saturday for me in that, five other anglers joined me on a section of river for a "Social Do" from the Lure Anglers Society. Now most know that my preference is to fish alone. It suits me to suit myself.

But fishing alone can have its drawbacks, in that you're never truly sure what potential some stretches of water have. So these guys were my guinea pigs in a way. Never easy to have people down as guests, normally the fish play hard to get.

Not this time, the lads fished well. It's also good to see how other anglers fish, the tips you can pick up. Me well I had a couple of small fish, but preferred to pass the time watching, gassing away and just having a laugh.

Not sure on the final figure of fish caught, but plenty of Jacks,Chub and Perch showed. Two Perch over three pounds in the pictures below and three over two pound. Lots of back up Perch also around the pound to a pound and a half mark , which was good to see.


LAS Chairman Roy G

Thankfully this Chub was witnessed by two of the lads passing an absolute stonker, that took a crank almost as large as the fish itself. I'm practicing my "Speci Hunter" adoring stare at the little fellow.

All in all a good day, a great bunch of lads and I'm looking forward the next one later in the year.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. What the fuck is that around your mouth?

  2. Dave,

    Are you blind? When we drank late into the night at the Red Lion did you have a white stick?

    At the Lands End in Tywford were you masquerading as Ray Charles? I've "that around my mouth" since I was twenty five, so TWENTY YEARS, bit greyer now I'll hasten to add.

    Get down sprocketts, get a bike and some lycra you'll need it ;-)

    1. Have you bollocks! It looks like you've been eating a choc ice :o)

      Some nice perch by the way.

    2. Look here 2012.

    3. That's seven o'clock shadow!

      But, if it makes you feel better - Wow, great beard you've always had there mate. I wish I could grow such a luscious Father Christmas, you must be so butch in your hirsuteness xxx

  3. Good to have you on board Comrade Dalrymple!


    Tightlines (and hopefully no strong winds...),

    Keith Flett (Beard Liberation Front)

    1. Who ever you are, it made me chuckle.

  4. Didn't get the feckin invite!!!



    1. I'm back down next Saturday, working this weekend. Your more than welcome to tag along ;-0