Saturday, 20 June 2015

Crank Baits

I think I may have dropped a bollock here, in the close season I swapped my trebles on my mini cranks for single hooks, not tried these yet. Also I thought, yeah I'm a smart arse, take the front treble off it will aid unhooking on my other lures.

Had a few hours out on opening day, no great shakes. Enjoyed myself, never saw a soul and could not be arsed to write it up.

This morning, saw me on a stretch of river that I've not fished for years. When I was in thrall of my Barbel mania, it was like a second home. The angling grape vine doth say, that the Barbel are very few in numbers now. Utter bollocks, spotted plenty today and way off the old areas. Perhaps they have moved owing to the daily assault from the mongol hordes-go figure.

I was down today, armed only with some "Cranks". Had a decent mornings sport, six small Perch all about this stamp. No need to weigh each one, get a photograph of each one(Don't get me fucking started on this issue, as what I've read this week beggars belief). Also managed a Jack.

On a slow retrieve, I paused and a large head of a Pike sucked in the lure and spat it back out again in the blink of an eye. Covered the water again but had missed my chance.

Moved about and had a few more follows from better Perch that veered of late. I love fishing "Cranks" good fun.

Had a speculative cast on the way back around noon, far bank tree and WHACK a good fish went deep. Slowly bringing her near to the net, tail walks and she spits the hooks. Not the lure in the photo a jointed Rapala.Now by taking the front treble off all my lures was to aid unhooking, stop the hanging treble snagging in the net. But on my mind is that, if both sets of trebles were still on the lure a nice Double figure Pike, I'm assuming would be in the net. Dropped a bollock, yeah maybe?

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Yes, a bollock was well and truly dropped :o)

    What's all this about weighing and photographing, I'm eager to find out.

  2. Have a look around in blog land, it's not just me who is somewhat stunned, that one would need to weigh and photograph every fish from a session.

    Fucking madness, it really is.

    1. Didn't the barbel catchers club have a rule that each fish be weighed, measured, asked it's favourite bait/landing net.....


    2. Best ask Yessling, he was a BCC member. ;-0

  3. Sounds like I could be missing out on some decent sport. Tempted to give it a whirl. Talking of which......get those floats wet! ;-)

    1. Oh you have woke up? Like a Bear in hibernation? Sent you a message in January via you "Contact" on your Blog, about the need to change my e-mail.

      Yep used the floats, but don't blog every angling trip. But yep a nice few Roach. Leave your number as a comment, it won't be published and I'll give you a bell mate. I'll not be out for a couple of weeks at weekends owing to work, only grabbing a few short sessions in the evening.

      But we can sort something out ;-0