Saturday, 30 May 2015

Close Season Walk

Today Karl and I found time to take a stroll prior to the season starting, something that has been promised for the last few weeks. Every close season has seen me with good intentions of popping down to Marsh Farm or Old Bury Hill, tackle has been readied then unpacked again.

The truth is that I'm just fooling myself, knowing  that fishing surrounded by other anglers is not for me much preferring stretches of river that see very little footfall from one year to the next.

We walked for around two hours, saw Barbel that are in no way ready to spawn by the looks of it. That will deflate those bastions of Barbeldom you know where! Been peaking in now and again and chuckling as always, it's Viagra for the soul.

Spotted some good Chub and also spooked a couple of good fish, close in to the bank in some very overgrown shady areas. Large bow waves bulging the water as an unknown assailant moves off. These are the things that float my boat, the out of the way areas that we just do not what swims below the surface.

The fourth coming season will see me fishing these places for a time as opposed to some other beats that you can always go back to and put a bend in the rod. Guessing that many blank sessions may prevail, but knowing that seldom will  I see a soul. That suits me down to the ground. long walks but peace.

Trout, well a few fish have been caught, but the urban environment drove me around the bend in the end. These small cranks normally come with a size sixteen treble. Very, very fiddly to unhook. So on the small baits I've added some inline singles in a size six. School of thought is that my hook up rate will fall massively in that the hook "turns flat". I'm willing to give it a go, as trying to unhook a deep hooked Jack or Perch with small trebles will be hugely problematic. If it does not work, maybe try some double hooks, or up the treble size. Always things to learn even after thirty five years of fishing.


Look we all know what goes on, but my jaw dropped yesterday after reading this quote......

"I'm not shocked because we've all suspected for years that widespread corruption has been going on. I'm just surprised someone has finally brought an investigation into the open"

Who do you think? Sir Kier Starmer QC, well you'd be wrong. Very! Harry "Brown Envelope" Redkanpp. How can this saggy faced, tax avoiding wrong'un stick his oar in, the mind it simply boggles.

Enjoy your weekend.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. The Wye's lovely at this time of the year mate but come the 16th.... I yearn for a river like yours.

    Nice quote from Mr Kettle talking about the pot :o) how does he keep a straight face.

    By the way, which landing net is best for the new season


    1. Dave,

      Yep I have three club books on two different rivers. Those photos today were taken a good hours walk from the nearest access point. Hence many do not venture that far, lord knows what swims about.

      Met a very proactive farmer In his 4by4, who was none to pleased about Karl and I being on his land. Showed him our club permits and he was a gent after that. Told us a few storys too.

      As for Harry.... Wanker;-0

  2. The small baits at the bottom where did you get those please thanks mark

    1. They are made by Mark Houghton see here

      I got mine from Mark Kelly at

  3. Glad I'm not the only one who prefers fishing a river with no one else on it. ATB for the 16th.

    My blog:

    1. Lee,

      Knowing some of the people who fish your syndicate stretch, I'm not surprised you seek out some peace and quiet. Christ a season with Coops and Yessling would send me mad;-)

  4. I hear this coops guy is just a gobshite.

    Good luck for the upcoming season.



    1. I think his cute and cuddly to be truthful.

  5. Solitude and pleasant surroundings - the two things I seek from my angling above anything else. I can take a succession of blanks in my stride - it's water of a ducks back, but a fat fook bending my ear with inane fat fook bollocks - that is just too much to bear. Many years back whilst fishing a prolific but busy park lake, upon sighting the approach of the local 'expert' I resorted to pretending to be in deep conversation on my mobile phone in an attempt to try and avoid having my ear bent. It was a bit embarrassing when it started ringing...

    And as for 'Arry - surely it's only a matter of time before Don Sepp appoints him to the role of Chair of the FIFA Ethics Committee.


    1. Joe,

      Made me laugh today that Andy Burnham suggested that England should boycott the 2018 World Cup. I'm sure know one would notice, we hardly play well at these tournaments.

  6. Paul "Gazza" Gascoigne says....Monty, ya gadg, Blatter has finally dun the reet thing and resigned man. I'm so happy I'm ganning doon the toon reet now to buy some Special Brew. Speak later, pet.