Friday, 17 April 2015

Chasing Spotties

Had some time free today so had a quick three hour session after some "Brownies". They drove me bonkers and them some. I only wanted to cast to fish that I could see to make it more interesting and used these small insect lures.

They weigh in at just over a gram or so and are a dream to fish with, they set off a lovely wake behind them as they move along the surface. Spotting fish was easy, getting them to take was not. I had one small 'un of about a pound, that flipped back while I fumbled for the camera.

Moved along and found two fish tight to the bank, good chunky fish these. Lure way past them and inch slowly up nothing, no interest. Sat there scratching my head, decided to crank it back a little faster then wallop,a good violent take. Then his nibs shot clear of the water, head shaking and freedom beckoned. Bollocks. This repeated itself on two more occasions creep up on some fish finally get them to take, shoot clear of the water head shaking, doing the tail walk fandango and gone. Like I say it drove me bonkers, good fun but bonkers. Mr. Trout was not finished with me yet.

Now you can just make out this Trout below at the bottom of the photo, I had to zoom right in, as it was tucked away on the far bank under cover. Again the lure was treated with utter disdain as  it came across its head. Up the side and this fish would not move, it just held its position in the current.

Mr Double Decker was in the area and popped down to marvel at my angling prowess, he snapped me trying to tempt the fish above. It was though an Oscar winning case of futility. After twenty minutes I threw in the towel.

Bloody frustrating to loose a couple of good fish, but I'll be back out soon for another go. Very exciting way to fish, knocks spots off waiting for a rod tip to move.

Be Lucky

Monty D.