Saturday, 21 February 2015

Doppelgangers of the Angling World Part XXXIII

Before we get to the doppelganger, yep I did fish last weekend, in fact I actually had some company on the bank by way of a change. Carl was down drowning some worms and blanked, while I had one hit on a lure that did not stick. Then spent the rest of the morning thrashing the water to foam, on a rapidly rising river with crank baits and today our lovely little river is in the fields again. Not much you can do about that as it's tendency to piss me off most weekends weather wise is monumental.

The other angler, well it went like this........

"Any joy mate?"
"Na just one hit that did not stick"
"Don't often see anyone, the last person I saw was a guy who comes down by train to fish, must be two years ago. Nice guy, we chatted and he had to dash off and get his train  home and walk his dog"
"That was me mate and it can't have been two years ago as my old boy was put to sleep five years ago this coming April. More like six years ago when we last spoke" We both laughed, but what can you do, time is the master as Sir John Holt sang.

Where do the seasons go? It seemed like only yesterday I was up and about on June the sixteenth and now, well another season is nearly over. Stashed away in the memory vaults, the years fly by so make the most of it.

Below we have well know French angler Gavin Scaife with another superb Pike, landed on a guest trip to Scotland. Way to go Gavin.

And below we have the one, the only Neilson Baxter with a lure caught Catfish while on a guest trip to France. As they say apparently "That's a proper 'un" 

Had enough of the forthcoming general election  propaganda yet ? All politicians are wankers of the highest order. But well Ed Balls came out with a beauty did he not last week. In that we must get a receipt for all manner of jobs we pay people to undertake. Like the man who cuts Ed's hedge for a "tenner". As it's the right thing to do!

Two things have been playing on my mind. Firstly who charges a measly "Tenner" these days to trim a hedge. No one I'm sure, it's a skill. You can't just hack at it, beat it up a little and bag it up. You need a spirit level for a start to make sure it's all looking nice, that takes me hours.

But what concerns me more is that, The Labour Party are supposed to help the working man. Those not so well off. Now, if I pay someone cash to clean our windows, tidy our garden then it's  fine. I do not want or need a receipt. But Ed, being Ed, well it's the done thing in his eyes.

In short, Ed's a tax man grass, pure and simple. If you do not give him a slip, his on the phone...."Mr Dalrymple, 25 Arcasia Avenue is working for cash in hand". So much for helping the working man to get by you utter tool. As I say not one politician of any party, talks to me or for me, they really do not get it. Say and do anything to look popular.

Was the above a rant? Na, not really. Just sick of all the pricks thinking they know better and we should all conform and make the world a better place. But in short they struggle to run a bath, let alone the country.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. I'm trying to hold off my political rants mate but the bastards insist on winding me up. They are all unelectable tossers but one of them will end up as our government - scary thought.

    Keep smiling ;o)

    1. Dave,

      I'm not aloud to open the front door until after the election, Denise can't live with the shame of me ranting at anyone asking who I intend to vote for ;-0

  2. Politicians.

    All false promises no real deals.

    It's worth noting that since the claims fiasco they have made sure everyone else who wasn't making fictious claims jump through loopholes.

    Do not vote for anyone especially Chelsea.