Saturday, 10 January 2015

I Command You!

Blimey where did Christmas go? One minute your ambling off to doze and get rid  of that bloated feeling, then all of a sudden it's January the fifth, the alarm is trilling away, it's 0430 and your back on the treadmill of work.

Over Christmas I did manage a few trips out, trotting produced some Dace and small Chub, lure fishing gave me some Perch and Pike, in truth who wants to spend the festive period at the keyboard, not I. To busy drinking and boy did we sink some, going football and general family stuff ensured.

Today was my first trip out of this year, made a pact with my brain. No more casting lures into bank high, foaming chocolate rivers. Fish the conditions and today only one species warranted my attention.The hallowed "River Prince", Christ it's been a while since the Prince and I have been reacquainted.

Grabbed some Hi-Nu-Val paste that has been languishing in the freezer last night, since god were a lad(calm down I did not say the prophet Mohammed), no need to burn effigies, protest or murder people all in the name of some archaic ideology!

Three hours this morning, roaming about , no brolly getting soaked and battered by falling branches in the wind . On the way down to the river, my thoughts turned to how many anglers would be about, for it's prime Barbel conditions. And you know what, none, nadda, zilch. The  weather must have frightened them off, they sure breed 'em weak in Surrey.

Twenty minutes in a swim then move, simple fishing no need to take the kitchen sink. Second swim resulted in a Chub of around three pound that came to the net like an out of breath Bream, it was really that good.

Keep moving and a nice under cut beckoned me, crease just tripping along away from the bank. Under my feet and within in a minute a good pull round on the rod, rod swept back and a slow, plodding weight moved ponderously upstream. No drama, no tears before bed time, just a slow weight. I love using cane rods for Barbel, you can really bend and bend into a fish, soft action and very few hook pulls, for me anyway.

A nice struggle, but after a few minutes she began to yield, head up and into the net first time.I thought I had better give her a number, just to make her happy you see, not I. A nice fat winter Barbel that went 11.11 on the scales. Pleased with that, who would not be so early into January. That was that for me, switched off, tried a few more areas but no more fish decided to play.

Now peering down from Yat Rock on Thursday and into internet forum land I happened across this.....

Boris God One "Anyone know what the Thames looks like?"

Boris God Two" The Lower has a good flow and with the temperature on the rise I can't wait until Friday, I'm going to command Weybridge Weir tonight"

Command, fucking command. My eyes started to melt, like a scene from Indiana Jones when they glanced upon the Ark of the Covenant (steady you religious zealots). How can you command a weir pool?

I had an image in my mind, of an angry Boris angler, dressed head to toe in real tree, bellowing at the top of his little voice.

"Ease up you bastard I can't hold in the flow with eight ounce of lead, obey me I command you" Only in Barbel land folks, only in Barbel land.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Nice boris/whisker/beard fella.

    1. Kev,

      Four of my least favorite words in one sentence. All I need now is to hear of you and your Roach "Campaign" to cap it all.

  2. Replies
    1. That is that little itch scratched,if these conditions continue and they do seem to look like that I may have to chance my arm for a decent Roach, not had one for a long, long time.

    2. A worthy crusade indeed but if you can fluke a double figured barbel first time out .........

    3. Fluke, fluke. Watercraft and a nose for a fish;-0. You know well enough in the winter, they are pretty easy to catch given the right conditions.

      It's just the angling gods decided to smile on me, on Saturday morning.

    4. Easy to catch in the winter? I fish the Wye you know :o)

      I'm only jealous but I reckon you'd twigged that.

    5. Yep and I'm off to football now ;-0

  3. If you want roach on the south east give me a bell.

    Graham elliot.

  4. Wasn't it Cnut who tried to command the water?
    Perhaps Boris God Two was a relative of his with a similar name.


    1. Na that was the Polar bear in the German Zoo ;-0