Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Joyeux Noel!

It's come around quick again, or is it just me who seems to think this year has flown by? Maybe it is Old Father Time, who is slowly drawing me towards his net. I cannot believe I'll be forty five next year. Mentally, well I guess that I'm around eighteen still.

I was out last Saturday, but another blank ensued. All week promising myself that the lure gear will get a rest, but it's never thus. What it is that has so enthralled me most of this current season, to fish this way. Much more accomplished anglers than I, have said it can be a real ball breaker in the winter. That maybe try a canal or two, check out a few lakes and pits.

The summer and autumn I thought that i'd cracked it. Every one a coconut, crashed and burned so far this winter with just the odd fish. I'll be out for a morning session tomorrow, in truth today was penciled in, alas a mixture of various wines were consumed late into the night. Rendering me utterly useless this morning.

I'll keep trying though, because that jolt through the body when you get a hook up is totally addictive at present. Finding the fish has been hugely problematic, but tomorrow, well a hunch that I will drop on a few is niggling away at me. For one thing those Perch are not where they were in the past.

Over the last few years I've always added a carol at Christmas time and our house, well it would not be the same without  Nat King Cole.

So as always, this is Monty Dalrymple, from high up on Yat Rock wishing you all a very Joyeux Noel. And let us hope the weather gods play nice, so we can get out a few times and burn off those excess calories.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Blown Away

I've been told by the wife that I'm a miserable bastard today, even last night. In that I had my face glued to the lap top, scanning the EA river levels website. Chuntering away to myself, mumbling "Fuck me, it's going to go bank high again by the morning".

And she(rivers are always a she in my eyes, fickle and harsh, but when she is nice all together lovable) did. Got out of bed at 0430, logged on and knew it was a waste of time. We seem to get dry weeks and near the weekend it pisses down again.

I stomped off to the bookies at eleven to put a couple of bets on, stopped in the Dukes Head for a cheeky cupla and to read the paper. I received a text from Denise "Post mans been darling, package has arrived for you I'm just popping to Mums, I'll leave it in the tackle room"

Well I drank up and hot footed it home and unwrapped this little lot. Now it's not often I am lost for words. But I was/am still.

I knew Richard was going to send me a "Few Floats". He did not want any payment, but gave me the reason why he would like me to have them for free. One reason I could not adhere too ;-0. The second you can have my word on it that I will.

What an act of kindness, I'm totally, totally blown away. I owe you big time, they will be used at the first chance of some suitable conditions.

Just a short blog, but Richard simply brilliant mate thank you. The card is superb too, made us both laugh.

Be Lucky

Monty D.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

A Tale From The Past

Jamie awoke early on Christmas Eve, peered out of his bedroom window and looked out on a snowy scene across his father's farm. His brain screamed "Stay in bed, in the warm". But when your young, well you think you know better. The smaller, less intelligent part of the brain trembled and mumbled "Chub, Chub, Chub"

Our young angler, jumped out of bed. Dressed quickly, dashed down to the kitchen and grabbed a loaf of bread. "Mum I'll be home for tea, love you". Then he was gone, the cold took his breath away, "Jesus it's cold" as he stomped across the yard.

He passed his father, "No later than three son, get home by then". "Yes Dad", but he rolled his eyes as we all do. Time, well mostly when your fishing just slips away.

Arriving at the river, it looked barren that cobalt hue that just screamed Cooolllldddddd. But hey he was out, spring in his step. Looking around our intrepid young angler searched and found a over hanging willow tree. Fish must live here he thought to himself.

Out went a large lump of crust, wafting hopefully under the roots of the tree. Nothing, not a twitch nor a snatch. Time was running out, the cold was by now seeping into our heroes bones. One last cast, plop and sit back.

The tip pulled around, a solid thump up the rod. Line grating on the roots, cold fingers fumbling on the pin, the cane rod bent double. "I'm winning, yes I can see it what a Chub" it was akin to a scene from the Old Man and the Sea.

Ready for netting now, " Oh Christ I forgot the net, the net". It was then Jamie heard a voice behind him "Need a hand young man", "Yes please" Jamie stammered. Another angler came to his aid.

The aged angler swept the fish up first time. "Wow" they both said in unison. A new personal best of five pounds and six ounces. Jamie set up his camera and wanted his new found friend in the photo also.

The job done, Jamie packed away quickly explaining that he had to be home. The two anglers walked back across the meadow, chatting like life long friends as only anglers can do. Jamie reached the farm gate and bid his new friend a fond farewell and raced inside to regal his parents of his days triumph.

"Now son, not a soul has crossed our land today", remarked Jamie's father. "It's true, it's true" screamed our intrepid piscator. He raced upstairs to print the photo off as proof of his day. His parents just smiled, youthful exuberance owing to it being Christmas..

Jamie raced back down stairs holding his photo aloft, as well as the prize Chub, in the photo was his late Grandfather  who he had never met. They all raced outside and looked down the lane, of course not a soul was to be seen.

"Come on, back inside" said Jamie's father. Jamie looked longingly down the lane and said "Merry Christmas Granddad"

And on the breeze came "And to you lad and to you"

Yep I put this on here, four years ago. But I've a hankering for a little Chub fishing with my MKIV Avon this weekend. So thought why not ? About time I got the cane rods out again and this rod, had never had a reel on it until I bought it a few years back. A cracking rod! I just fancy some crust fishing in the cold.

Be Lucky

 Monty D

Saturday, 6 December 2014

The Lemsip Kid

Yep that's me this weekend, laid up with a poxy cold. Wrapped up at home with a Hot Water bottle on me noggin. I thought I may sweat it out over night, the wife left home for her night shift I went to bed. All was going well until  three am and the cat was scratching at the bedroom door a sign that he wants to go out.

Amble down stairs and open the back door, freezing cold in just my boxer shorts. Then five minutes of deliberation, from his nibs before he decides it's to cold to go out and decapitate some more mice. And he goes back in. Now you may think just nudge him with your foot to get him out. I've tried that before while I had shoes on, a big mistake. He morphed into a hissing, snarling lunatic. In bare feet I thought better of it. Back to bed, but no more sleep came. Doubt I'll miss much today with that hard frost last night. Carl I know your out, sorry to let you down mate, I hope it was worth it. Always next weekend.

Doppelgangers of the Angling World Part XXXII.

We have not had one of these for a while, so without further ado may I present these fine two  upstanding members of society. Below we have the Sussex maestro that is Richard Cleaver, lover of vintage tackle, best known for his simply abysmal effort to try and earn his "Stripes". But he came strong near the end, went on to coach  the Jamaican Bobsleigh team, made a mean breakfast of flap jacks, nurtured his young nieces and nephew. And knocked up some great looking home made floats(hint, hint). Glad things are on the mend mate ;-0

And below we have Uncle Buck, the uncle among uncles. With a very nice Grayling caught from the river Frome in poor conditions. Way to go 'Unc.

Christmas Books.

As ever the year has seen me behave-mostly. So last week a little letter was popped  up the chimney to Farther Christmas with a request for these three. Firstly Tangles with Pike, by Dominic Garnett. I'm looking forward to this, he writes very well. His blog is a pleasure to read, his book Flyfishing for Coarse Fish has intrigued me to maybe try this next summer.

Next up is Lure Fishing Presentation and Strategy, by Dave Pugh. A couple of people have recommend this to me. I've been told it is direct and straight to the point. Now normally like many, a story has to be weaved into the fabric of a book, let the tale unfold. Draw you in. This is unlike that, so I'm led to understand. But a mate did say " You will learn something mate", don't doubt that I will.

Lastly this, While My Float's Still Cocked, written by Maurice J Pledger, Simply it was put to me thus." Jay I can't believe you do not have this yet". Nuff said then!

I can't go and not mention Blythe Spartans, the FA Cup still holds it's magic. Let's hope they draw one of the big clubs in the third round and get a day out to remember.

Off for more Lemsips.

Enjoy your weekend.

Be lucky.

Monty D