Saturday, 15 November 2014

Turned Out Nice Again

That was the case up until Friday morning, the river, my river had been dropping back all week until yesterday morning. Then all hell broke loose on the rain front, every few hours my eyes scanned the EA website and saw the river rising and rising.

Now common sense should prevail and the Barbel gear should have been used today, fish the conditions, use your brain. But common sense and brain power has never been one of my best attributes. And anyway these Jig Flies arrived on Thursday and were crying out for a swim.

You can see where this is leading a big fat blank. Fish the slacks people say, all well and good if you can find any. Those that I did find, were like a mango swamp, infested with snags. Where the three hours this morning a lesson in futility, a real noble prize winning fuck up? No not really, I'm always wary of the EA website as they have got it massively wrong in the past. I wanted to see if the river had come up as much as they suggested.

It had and is still on the rise, slowly creeping up, twisting and turning like a malevolent serpent of the aqua persuasion. Shame really as the morning was mild, if conditions were better then no doubt my presence would still be felt on the bank.

The meadows are saturated, sodden to the point that standing water is every where, sloshing around in some spots up to my shins. We need a sustained period of dry weather down here, you may expect these conditions in late winter. To see this much water outside of the river at this time of year is rare.

Ben, I'm glad we postponed this day as it would have been a long way for you to come, for nixy bleeding poo. But as they say you always learn something and today I learnt to try every once  in a while to use my brain. Lastly would the club member who felt the need to take the padlock off the gate, tie it back with cable ties, thus giving open access for all please desist. I snipped the cable ties off and secured the lock. If you can't remember a four digit code, then you really should not be let out alone.

On the plus side I'm home in time to watch the jump racing from Cheltenham, feet up and a cupla of bottles of Hobgoblin while the wife is out Christmas shopping with her mates. I've had a little bit of Each Way on Johns Spirit in the Paddy Power Gold Cup at 10/1.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Probably the worst lure conditions you could imagine - you really are daft :o) Still, a bracing paddle in the fresh air is better than shopping any day.

    Going to try for another chub or three tomorrow....... weather permitting.

  2. Looks good for a barbel Monty... Hopefully we can get something in before the end of the season, but with another wet winter predicted it could be the rivers are done now until June! The Wye is certainly up and raging through. I managed a few hours on Sat on a local pond. Four or five small roach was all I could muster.

  3. Ben,

    I read that also today the headline "Get set for the wettest winter in thirty years", as if last year was not enough. If I lived on a flood plain I would be worried.

    Fingers crossed ;-0

  4. Wetter than an otters pocket!

    And a cold snap on the way.

    Isn't it.

    1. Yep,

      And the rain is due to arrive en mass from this afternoon and well into Sunday.

      But I'm off out shortly for a few hours, Jig Flies at the ready.