Saturday, 22 November 2014

The Hard Yards

Christ I walked some today, legs feel leaden now, back aches and feel utterly knackered. Perch were on the agenda this morning, but arriving at first light my heart sank. Though well down on last week the colour was still like tea. I spent half an hour in an absolute banker of a swim, with no joy. You know when your wasting your time so I moved to another club stretch that for some reason, the conditions improve far quicker.

To me the day screamed out for a lump of bread flake, but having the lure gear that was out. This swim below I fancied working a bait along the near bank. You need the dexterity of a mountain goat down here, gently lowering myself down. Rucksack off, edge forward to cast and I started to sink fast in the cloying mud, nearly ended up flat on my back as I struggled to maintain my balance. Give this one a miss mate, not worth getting in trouble.

Roaming about for the first three hours, proved fruitless. Pools, undercuts, deep cover and not a hook up. Up the lure size and a five inch Kyopto went out and a real hit on the first retrieve. The rod absolutely hooped over then nothing. Gutted, that was the strongest take I've ever had. I spent more time in the swim and came back to it half a dozen times during the day. What ever was about earlier was not interested now. Book marked for another day most definitely, my largest Pike from along this beat is 15.8, though that was some time back, on a good old fashioned Smelt.

Keep walking, keep casting, try, try, try. Time was ticking on, five hours fishing and no fish to grace my net. When I'm mobile getting despondent is not an option, you are constantly searching. Different retrieves, different patterns of lures. Jig Flies, SP's and Spinners brought no joy.

This swim below you can see by the far bank, how high the level was when it peaked late on Saturday night. Leaving a nice tree trunk, doubt it will be around this time next week with the predicted deluge about to hit us again.

Last chance saloon, it's now nearly one o'clock it's pissing down. I'm covered in mud, coat pocket ripped open as I went arse over tit on the infamous "Beetle stile", what a swan dive that was, slipped forward and the rickety git  launched me like a man from a cannon.

Clip on a small diving crank, back along a decaying weed bed and first time this little Jack. How can a fish this small make a grown man feel so elated. Well it saved a blank, but I worked my nuts off for this fish. So yeah I'm happy!

A thoroughly enjoyable six hours on the bank, along with some dry weather we need some frost down here to knock the colour out of the water. Thus this will hopefully make the Perch a viable option again. And no other anglers about, just you, your thoughts and time to switch off.

National Treasures

OK I'm a little perplexed, certain things should not be replicated, left alone as a nod to greatness and the past. Certain things in my eyes are sacrosanct, not to be meddled with. Here are two things that should  have remained unscathed by the modern world. Given some spit and polish if you like. They were great as they were and still stand the test of time now.

First up the legendary Paddington Bear from darkest Peru.

Then we have this motley crew from one of my all time favorites Dads Army.

But it seems time are a changing. Paddington Bear is to be given a make over and will appear in a new film due out this month. And filming has already started on a new Dads Army film. Why ? What gain is to be had from rehashing these two? On a Saturday evening I'll always watch the old reruns of Dads Army, it simply cannot be bettered. Gentle humor and wonderfully acted. The new Paddington film apparently has "Sexual Innuendo " in it's content. Again why? We used to watch this as kids and I've still got the books, even the most up to date version Paddington Here And Now published in 2008.

Utter madness, all for financial gain. Is nothing sacred, what next a remake of Porridge. How can anyone surpass that cast, I still love it now. Ronnie Barker as Fletcher was outstanding, as were others. 'Orrible Ives, what a character."Grouty" and his gentle, soothing do it my way persona, or I'll break your legs. Brilliant!

Hands of you modernizing bastards, leave these gems as they are. Best get back down from my soap box, thank god for this blog or the wife would divorce me, for all my pissing and moaning.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and if your bank side on Sunday, you may need an Ark.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Jas you know where the big Pike lurk and yes it is a long walk for you,but if you want one you will find the legs.Roach for me this winter and that is a long walk.

    Keep well


  2. Peter,

    I know mate, must not get to complacent and put the effort it. Pissing down again ;-(

  3. What recipe did you use for zis fish please?

    I am not catching pike lately but perch and chub still tasty.
    I am liking your website and perhaps we could fish as one.

    Gregor kikazsow.

    1. Very good, I have a clue who you are :-0