Saturday, 29 November 2014


The phone rang about four o'clock yesterday afternoon......

"Jay don't bother mate this weekend, it's still bombing through and filthy, stay home and have a lie in mate"

"OK mate, thanks for looking for me I'll give it a miss then, cheers"

No intention of fishing today at all, but being that I'm a lark I was up and about by five o'clock this morning. Stuff it, the sun is supposed to shine, I'll give it a few hours, better than sitting at home doing nothing on a Saturday morning. Grabbed my gear and got the first train down.

Nice to be greeted by this, so worth getting up and out for. No fish showed today, not surprised at all in that the river has been in the fields again all week. But what do you do? Wave the white flag, give up until next summer. Not a chance, you may just sneak a fish out. These conditions must surely improve soon, this deluge upon deluge must abate.

So I whipped the camera out every now and again, between casting and retrieving.    

Maybe I should have cast a lure into the fields, as opposed the river. People may think I'm mad to bang on with the lure gear in such conditions. But in truth at present it's all I want to do, making a rod for my own back-possibly. But it sets me free, minimal tackle and thorough enjoyment fish or no fish.

Snags and trees that were on this beat last weekend have been swept away, trees ripped out. The fish must not know what day it is. Haunts decimated, new areas to try and track them down. Is it a waste of time, not for me. You have a line in the water so you may just get lucky.

Anyway about ten thirty another angler came along, very rare.

"How's it going?"
"No joy mate, not good conditions"

This other angler down on a recce was looking at me like he had seen a ghost.

"Your famous, your the one who that does that blog"
"Well yeah I do a blog"

In my head a little voice is screaming "Famous, famous, fuck me I did not learn how to tie my shoes laces until I was thirty five". How I kept a straight face I'll never know, famous fuck me!

We chatted for about fifteen minutes, turns out his name was Carl and he has just joined this club. Nice to meet you mate and my offer stands, you know how to contact me. I knocked it on the head not long after he left. Fish less but unbowed, let's hope things improve weather wise and soon.

Had a little bit of each way on Rocky Creek in the Hennessy at Newbury  this afternoon at 11/1. This will be a real slog in these conditions so I'm hopeful of a place, feet up and a cupla of TT Landlord at the ready.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Frankie Howerd says......Infamy, infamy..........

  2. Well done for trying. It's not easy is it? At least with that first sup you can feel that you deserve it. How does it go ...Infamy, infamy .. ;o)

    1. Richard,

      Your in the next county, get your arse over for a day. I'll mail Dave tomorrow for your number.

  3. Where can I buy a " I've met monty" t shirt?

    Steve pope.

    1. The REAL Steve Pope has my name tattooed on his arm, don't ya Steve ;-0.

      Right fuck this we are off out for dinner, by Christ does Denise deserve it for putting up with me, ;-0

  4. He probably though you were Michael Cane :o)

    1. Ahhh I never gave that any consideration.;-0