Saturday, 4 October 2014

It's Been A While Coming

Looking at the weather forecast yesterday, it left me in two minds as what to do. My brain was saying take the umbrella, sit it out with a lump of meat and wait for a fish any fish to hang itself on the end. My heart said try in the few hours of sun for a Chub on the top that has eluded me throughout this season. This little lot won out and was slung in the rucksack in the evening. Buying lures is a dangerous business, the best advice is do not look online when your pissed, speaking from the voice of experience here. But I really covert some jig fly's to have a chuck with. Thank god I've not got into large lures yet, then it does get bloody expensive.

Gloriously sunny morning first thing, October and your walking the banks having a cast in every run, far bank foliage, under your feet and still no Chub. A few small Pike erupt and hit your lure, giving you heart palpitations. They just go ballistic when hooked, like an extra from the Cirque Du Soleil somersaulting this way and that.What life must be like beneath the surface if your a small fish? If it were I, Christ popping to the shops for a paper  would be nerve racking affair, darting in and out, looking, no, no halt ! Esox to left watch ouuuuutttt. Shit your brothers just been chomped, Mum's gonna kill me. "I told you not to take him, you wait until your farther get's home"

Meanwhile back in the real world it all came good, at last. A brisk walk up to below a small weir, renowned for being Crayfish central. Fishing a bottom bait here is asking for trouble, it goes on unabated. But for lures, well no problem. Looking at my watch, the rain was due to fall in an hour or so, so time was running out. Fishing in the rain with no brolly to me is a royal pain in the 'arris. If you enjoy it, seek help 'tis the only way.

A few speculative cast and no joy. I went for the biggie, rod right back aiming to cover the far side. Whoosh, splosh and oh bollocks the lure clipped a branch and kind of done a swallow dive leaving me in a mess on the reel. It just sat in the water looking at me as if to say "Nice one wanker"! Then it was gone,smash just gone. No action imparted, just a little small crank bobbing about while this angling demigod is struggling to untangle this mess.

It should have got off, but lady luck, lord Shiva, the little Grey Men all those things smiled on me. A cracking fight, this way and that. Finally slipping over the net, never I have been so elated to catch a Chub. It went a whisker over four of my finest pounds, Chub in the past I've caught to over six pound while Barbel fishing, but this left me strutting about like a rutting Deer. At bloody last, trying since the start of the season has resulted in abject failure. Not today, not today.

Right on time this little lot had built up around mid morning, so that was my small nudge to pull away from the realm of fantasy and hot foot it back to the train and home. As I sit here now, typing this the rain is falling at long last. Brooks and streams will bulge back into life, the well worn phrase "BRING IT ON" will be posted you know where.

To the left of me is a bottle of London Porter and I'm thinking about who shall I back in the Arc tomorrow at Longchamp. I will make a decision in the morning, for what is my favorite flat meeting of the season. Maybe Kingston Hill at 20/1, but dropping back in distance after the Ledger he maybe tapped for speed. But Kingston has run his heart out this season, so it would be great, more so to win at those juicy odds.

My angling has changed immeasurably since this blog started about four and a half years ago. Friends also have diversified, moving away from the whole single species myopia. Sure we are still a bunch of piss taking bastards, ripping each other to pieces like many others do and long shall it remain so. Time to finally grow up, never. No fishing now for a few weeks, work and West Ham will take precedent, then it will be time for "Operation Papa Smurf" and hopefully a three pound Perch when he pops over.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Nice one mate - if you count jammy, undeserved fish that is 😁
    Porky little bugger wasn't it. Good luck with ol' stripey.

  2. That Chub Monty is a fat looking sole but equally as well proportioned. Good catch.

  3. Gent's,

    Just in from the pub as the better 'alf is on nights so will keep it brief ;-0.

    This area of the river throws up some odd shaped fish, Crayfish eaters IMO. Here is a Perch from the same area a few years back.....

    All body and head both fish. Move a few miles downstream without the infestation of Crays and the fish are more streamlined.

  4. I know yam have been after a good perch on a lure for a while shag. Well done, that particular monkey is off your back now.

    1. *Cough*

      I was going to text you mate, but thought na if the man at his age can't tell the difference between a Chub and a Perch what do I care?

      You sure you had those Carp on Friday night, or where they Bream ;-0

  5. Sorry, *cough* chub !

  6. Just checked out the perch picture.

    Note to self, check Monty's fishing bag for a bicycle pump.

    1. Dave,

      It's belly was fit to burst, from the top end many are like that. But the three ten I had back in June, was just a different frame entirely. Not many Crays down that end.;-0

  7. Cracking chub Monty. I'm looking forward to it mate.

    1. Ben,

      I'll drop you a mail near the end of October to sort a day etc.

  8. Nice one Monty.

  9. Ben,

    Will do mate over the weekend ;-0