Saturday, 23 August 2014

My Name Is Monty Dalrymple

A cracking morning to be on the river, kicking up dew as you amble about with not a care in the world. This was to be my last angling trip until the middle of September owing to "real life" getting in the way. Like many other anglers I'm sure you like I, count the working week away. Just so you can go fishing, switch off and revel in doing boys own stuff again.

Lures again for me, it has been mostly since the start of the season. Other angling trips have been had, Barbel and Chub banked, but on a very small river that on a personnel level I'm not to happy to blog about.

First cast today into a deep shady pool brought this small Perch, more casts brought a procession of small fish so time for a move.

 Looking at  a small run off below a weir it  looked appealing, resulting in just a couple of micro Pike and more small Perch. I played about with various lures again, various colours and the only thing that worked today were these yellow shads. Crank baits, spinners were left unmolested. It seemed the fish only wanted yellow baits. Why is that? One particular colour and one pattern only, brought a response. Or is it that your catching on a lure and you fish more confidently, not sure to be honest what the answer is.

We all have a banker area on a river, a swim that always, always produces the goods. Mine is known as "Perch Bend" to me anyway, giving me more three pound  plus Perch over the last ten years or so than any other area on this particular stretch.

Flicking the bait out here always gives me confidence, it just screams fish. Plop, wind back in and nothing on the first cast. The second cast was nailed in a big way, huge smile on my face, yep another three pounder on the end mate. Wrong! This Pike below though only small went ballistic, tail walking like a madman. It hit the lure right under my feet and just inhaled it right to the back  of it's mouth. In all the years I've fished here, never have I had a Pike. Even when using small live baits for Perch. As I say not big, but if it's sport you like you will not find me complaining. I added a couple of smaller Pike further down stream and that was it. No large fish today, but a cracking few hours.

Eyes to big for it's belly ? Na not really and this one got caught in the cross fire.

So that's my summer fishing done and dusted, when I return to the bank in around three weeks or so I will  leave the lure fishing alone for a time. A couple of other things, need to be tried. But every minute that saw me on the bank, has been superb fun. The Chub on a surface lure eluded me, drove me insane at times. But in truth, it's the best way "Man versus Fish" and Chub won.

Apart from Gruff and that was only a fleeting glimpse, I'm yet to meet another angler this season. Where is everyone? It does seem that many, many anglers seem to be flocking to the river Wye each and every week. As river anglers are Barbel the only species worth attention, people forgo their local rivers and drive hundreds of miles to fish. Days out are great, me well fishing the Wye is always a treat, as is the Hampshire Avon. A few weeks time will hopefully see me on the Lower Severn for a social with a few mates. Could I put my rods into hibernation, only fishing very prolific venues. No chance of that, angling to me is not always about catching. Your out doing your own thing, no sponsorship to worry about. No lies to be told, just simple pleasures and simple pleasures are always the sweetest.

This came into the Yat Phone last week, courtesy of Dave Burr. It did make me and Lady D chuckle, very good mate. My name is Monty Dalrymple.

Enjoy your long weekend and if your on the bank, like Ying is tonight with his lad on a boys own camping trip. Smile, like the photo above.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. You've got it sussed mate. I wish had a river like yours near me as there are many times I'd rather fish there than the Wye. Funny old game ennit.

    1. Dave,

      You know your welcome any time, when Ben and Ying come over in the Autumn, share a car for the day maybe. I'm trying to get a little social going for the day, needs some forward planning though.:-)

  2. A+++ to Mr.B...... that is one of the very best 'doppleganger' photos I've seen on your blog Monty, even if you were the 'innocent' subject!! Absolute cracker LoL


    1. Oz,

      'Tis indeed a good one. I burst out laughing when I first saw it. Piss takes all round are my game, as you well know. So if I can't laugh at myself, then I may as well give up ;-0