Sunday, 3 August 2014

My Captain My Captain

Same thing as last week, well not quite. Up early, flick some small soft plastics about for a couple of hours resulting in more small Perch. Spending more time playing about really, slow retrieve, fast, stop start, bounce up and down. Generally seeing if their was a preference in how the fish would take.

It did not matter, the little bastards were ravenous. The larger fish I assume, have switched off for what ever reason. To not get a Perch down here over three pounds is rare, maybe the low levels have put them down, the river is looking tired now owing to the lack of rain. I know it sounds blase when you mention Perch over three pounds, but you can only judge by what your venues hold. You may think "Flash Bastard", well maybe, just a little.

The surface lures were brought out in earnest once the sun got up and yep I got one, nearly. I found a small group of fish just hanging mid river, tails wafting. Watching for a while they were taking insects off the top, casting my smallest surface lure upstream and letting it float down towards the fish, it was hit first time. Yesssss, up off your knees, rod bent into a good Chub. Then bosh, the rod snaps back, resulting in that gut wrenching feeling. We have all been there, disconsolate, the hook has pulled and you stand their like a plum. I swore, then swore again. If a member of the non angling public had witnessed my protestations against the world, surely a session in the nut house would beckon.

Yeah I know I look well chuffed. That was it, no more chances, pack up and limp off home with my tail between my legs. I'll get one , pray that I do or it's golf,golf and more golf. Jokes aside the more frustrating it get's the more you want something. Give up, na that's for wankers ;-0


Lot's of talk you know where, of tough conditions for that most hallowed of species. "We need rain","Bring it on the rain", etc,etc. Don't you guys ever get bored of sitting hour upon hour, like a frozen gargoyle in the hope, that maybe, just maybe your rod tip will move. Me, I would be bored senseless. Been their, done that over the years and life is really to short. Just for you though, the folk with single species myopia.

In the paper midweek, was an article about the most watched films. Raiders of the Lost Ark came in tops, in that the average person has viewed it  twenty nine times. We all have our favorites, mine is below. Teachers seem to get a fair amount of stick in the press lately. But my English Literature teacher Mr. Brown was a legend. Me, well possibly I was not the easiest child to teach. But he persevered, in that at times growing up I may have drove him mad. Thinking back, as you do, it's only as you get older that you realise how much you owe that man. He made it alright to enjoy poetry, to take pleasure from the written word. Care not what your peers may or may not decree. Be your own person, live your life how you see fit, yeah I'll agree with that Sir.

The end scene from Dead Poets Society.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Where did that comment go??

    Try again...
    I'm pleased I wasn't on the receiving end of that 'glare', you don't look at all chuffed dear boy!
    Did the rod actually break or just snap-back on a hook pull... I'm confused.
    Holy (sic) nets, broken rods...what next, a visit to church on a Sunday maybe?
    Hope you got home to some solace from LadyD., or maybe from the local landlord, on your way?
    Cheer-up, owd bean, the beanpole's mebbe 'heading' his way to you, to cheer up Sam some more, after the penalties win an' all. The Geordie crock needs a 'good' replacement....
    Awrabest, Mike.

    1. Oz,

      I see where you are coming from, the rod did not snap, but "snapped back" owing to a hook pull, I best do a quick edit ;-0.

      As for "Crouchy", well at least he may stay fit unlike Andy C, who on his day is great, but very rare to have him on his day. Hundred grand a week, for very little.

      As for the local landlord, off their now while Lady D sleeps off her night shift.

      Be lucky.

  2. Another good blog, we've all had hook pulls, even an expert like me.

    Bob Roberts.

    1. Yeah ? The real Bob Roberts has been scaring the local populace of my home town this weekend. Nice try ;-0

  3. Shit happens mucker, you'll get one soon enough and wonder what all the fuss was about.

    1. Dave,

      Christ the Autumn is on it's way, about to leave home and walk to the station. It's still dark out :-0