Friday, 8 August 2014

Fridays Blog

Not had a Friday blog for ages, but having been sat on my arse at home waiting for a new bed to be delivered( I lost the toss of a coin with she who wears the trousers), I thought to kill time, may as well peer down from Yat Rock and see whats about.

Missing In Action......Presumed Under The Thumb.

Below we have my mate Gruff, who has been missing for most of this river season. Here he is up on the Lower Severn, with a nice live bait about to be cast out on the eighth of July. Since then, he has been conspicuous by his absence. If you read this mate, grow some! Put your foot down and get out fishing. You have not been busy in the garden, that is for sure. Not that I miss your company you understand, just you driving me about. Prehistoric looking and toothy critter 'aint he, and what about the Zed.

Here we have our old friends at Fatwa again with creaking joints and aching limbs, having a good old chin wag.

Bastard Kids On The Bank!

I had to laugh at La Roccas comment in that he seldom's fishes in the UK these days and when he does its  for social reasons or with mates. Can't have many mates eh Tone, you have not fished once in this country this current river season. Get out fishing, your be to old soon. Full of piss and hot air, oh hold on a minute. And the house for sale in Wargrave, though a lovely area, if I had nearly three million to spend, I would be off like a shot to Hereford. I'm sure Wargrave flooded like crazy last winter!

A Cesspit Of Racial Hatred.

A total prick called Ben Pitcher, who happens to be a lecturer at the University of Westminster,  thinks Gardner's question time,  is a seething cesspit of racial hatred, yeah don't we all Ben. Dr. Pitcher believes the programme is saturated with  racist language, and that conversations about "native" and "non native" is nationalist.

He goes on to say " that a  crisis in white identity in multicultural Britain, forced people to find ways  of talking about white identity, through gardening  so they do not appear to be racist".

I can see it now, hordes of middle England gardening fans, looting, giving Nazi salutes at the local Conservative club(actually that's not to far fetched to be fair), and generally burning crosses, while wearing dodgy pillow cases.

Ben, you really deserve to be put in stocks, Christ knows what subject you lecture in ? Do us all a favor and crawl back under the rock you slithered out from. I wish it was April fools day I really do, possible the daftest thing I've heard in a while and I do hear some shite!  

Home of the Nazi Party
Football is back tomorrow for most, though we do not kick off until a week later. We host S***s at home on the first day and I fear they will be looking for retribution after we spanked them three times last season. With no fit striker, do we ever have one ? I think they may just sneak it! Andy "Crock Legs" Carroll is out again for four months, possibly he will go down as our worst ever purchase. This lad will break down again and again, Liverpool done well to flog him to us.

Still stay up, go down. Who knows, the lower divisions are more uncertain and fun. Especially if you love a bet on the football as many of us do. The Premier League, same 'ol, same 'ol. It's only the overseas players who really give it any flair. You can count the good British players on one hand.

I'll be back out on the bank tomorrow, not sure where or what for yet, keeping an eye on the weather forecast. So enjoy your weekend.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. I will have you know Monty that I caught 3 tench and some roach just yesterday.
    And lets not forget that over the season I fish more days than you and most others, just not in the UK.

    1. Did the "Otter Hound" scare 'em out of the pond :-)

  2. bollocks

    dunnow about the football but I'll have a punt you wont get in the wheelie bin boat when I have finished it.

  3. Oh PS
    Any chance of doing a doppelganger with that gadgie from Westminster Uni, (thought it was a polly) and the Crumpster off the pit? I bet they have never been heard in the same debating forum together.

  4. You give me the ammo mate and I'll fire the bullets ;-0

  5. Poor old Gruff's looking a bit skinny, tha knows. Get some Barnsley chop into thy face, fella. Or peanut cooray.

  6. Looks like El Toilet Maker is doing plenty of fishing on BFW :o) Getting plenty of bites too. If only the barbel bit so readily.

    Agree with the 'same 'ol same 'ol comment about the Premier League. I actually think that when everybody plays the passing game it can become boring and predictable. I know that's illogical but I am not thrilled by many teams at the moment and last season that included my own. But Carroll - 'worse Hammers signing?' certainly the most over priced footballer for a long, long time.

    Still, I hope you stuff the Spurs.

  7. Very funny guy's, not long back for ten hours after Barbel, for one bite, a Bream. Christ that's hard work sitting and waiting. I wonder why I do not do it more often ?

  8. Don't believe everything you read in the Daily Moseley, as per usual they have deliberately misconstrued someone's comments to create a headline, pretty grubby stuff.


    1. Joe,

      What makes you think I read the article in the Daily Mail ? It was in The Times, my paper of choice. As I find it, politically middle of the road, though at present leading towards the Conservative Party.

      I'm not a fan of the Mail, or the Guardian, one is to right, the other is way, way to left.

      I've read the link from the Guardian, I would not think Rod Liddle " A little Englander". Just how many people feel.

      Be Lucky ;-0