Sunday, 17 August 2014

Any Given Sunday

The Saturday before last was more a test of endurance as opposed to an angling trip. In that I spent ten hours in one swim in the hope of a large Barbel. By large anything in the region of above thirteen pounds, my efforts produced one small Bream. Thinking the day away, was it actually fishing or more a case of hoping to bore a fish into submission. More so the latter if the truth be told, it did not bore a Barbel but it did bore me.

I guess that now, sitting it out for one fish is a chore. While a river that has a high head of Barbel it is great fun, waiting for the pin to scream, but on a low stock density water it is to me hard work. And not something that really appeals to me anymore. Fair play to those that have the tenacity to carry this through, but me. Well, lets just say it done my brain in.

Today was time to get the lure gear out again. A short four hour morning session in the hope of a Chub or a few good Perch. The bank side flora and fauna is still very wild, and like many others I'm guessing, we are looking forward to it dying away. Hard, very hard work scrabbling about at this time of year in nettle beds, hawthorn bushes and other plant's that seem to want to sting and scratch me to hell and back. Odd weather, one minute blazing sun, five minutes later the jacket comes on. Summer appears to be beating a hasty retreat and we seem to be about to go directly into the Autumn.

I worked hard today, roaming up to this beats boundary and back again. Trying swim after swim that I could access. Fast water, deep pools, the tail of a weir pool and by ten thirty not a sniff of a fish. But it's preferable to just sitting and waiting in my eyes. You the angler are searching the river, trying to make that connection. Looking at the water, attempting to second guess where a fish may be waiting to ambush it's prey. That is why this lure game is at present enjoyable to me, it's up to you to make the fish want the bait. You do the leg work, find the fish as opposed to waiting for them to come to you.

This photo below is a few lures that got wet today.Shads, Lip less, floating cranks. As I say not a sniff. Walking back to where I came onto the fishery, a few last casts in some fast water needed some attention.

Picking a different colour shad out of the box, the lure was flicked along the near bank under a willow tree. No joy, back out and a slow retrieve and bang a hook up. A small Jack erupted on the surface and threw the hook. Ahhhhhh bollocks, he may have been small, but it would have been a blank saver.

Back out again, same spot and bang another Jack is on only slightly larger. Just before netting he shoots out the water, resulting in the bait coming loose with one swift shake of the head. Time to pack up and head home. But that is what currently excites me so much, the hook up. Anglers who have lure fished for years, may not get that frisson of excitement, but your bringing that lure in and then bosh your in. Should have done this years ago. One second all is calm, then you think you have pulled into some weed, then it pulls right back and starts your knees a knocking, how big, what species,

On the train back home, thinking away the session as most surely do. It occurred to me that I may need to up the hook size slightly to negate these hook pulls. Below is the last lure that I used, two and a half inches long with a size one hook. Maybe a size 1/0 or a 2/0 would give a better ratio of fish landed. Loosing small Pike does not overly concern me. But to loose a good fish over something that you can alleviate would be a pisser. Yeah, best order some larger hooks from AGM, that online shop that seems to empty my wallet on a regular basis at present.    

Bigger 'ook needed ?

All good fun though, learning a new way to fish. Working it out yourself, more questions with each passing day. Hard work all the walking, casting, looking and trying to suss out what is what. But at present to me it beats sitting on my arse. Next weekend will be my last trip out for a few weeks, holiday is looming. And the better half will not want me being away, constantly thinking about fishing! I must when it cools down get the trotting gear out, the river is alive with Dace. Fish examining all manner of insects, small leaves that float down stream. With the rain has fallen this past week, it looks in fine fettle.

Upton Park for me yesterday and the result I predicted when I updated the blog last week. Yep we lost one nil to S***s. Never nice to loose to that lot, but a decent game. It did make me laugh that people were Cuuunnttii off, no castigating Noble for missing a penalty to put us one nil up. Lads that was the first penalty he has missed since 2009. Sure it was not a good time to miss one, but sheez it happens. Even though we were turned over, still a good day out. Oh and also I have it in for Sheffield Wednesday now, an acca was let down by them, five in the bin and you fuckers never let Derby win! Although I'm sure elsewhere a certain Mr. Moyes had a self satisfied smile.

Face Book.............

Wow, what a to do in the week. Now I'm not on Face Prowler as many call it, but the vitriol that was directed to a well known Northern angler in the week was unreal. His crime ? Well he took it upon himself to question the outpouring, of grief that was to come over the death of Robin Williams. Sure his timing was out and as all good comedians know, timing is of the essence! But what made me laugh were the comments....."Ur a prick M8" was one of the more lucid attempts at the English language. In my eyes he said or posted fuck all wrong, but yep multimedia does let people "grieve" among friends. I loved his acting, not a huge fan of his stand up to be fair. Robin that is and not ............;-0 But why would an adult post in text speak ? Unless Janet and John is your book of choice for bedtime reading. Stay strong you Northern angler, keep thy chin oop tha knows. Christ I've not seen anyone get that much of an "Internet Shoeing" since those halcyon days of "Barbel Wars".

 But do we really need to know like little Ritchie Frampton posted on FP......"Do I wear shorts to the game fair or not". Rich, your better served talking about rods on Fishing Magic, about  a river you have not fished, offering sage advice to all and sundry like a latter day Yoda. As opposed to Face Prowler, or indeed posting on a blog bemoaning the fact that you can no longer post on Fatwa. Move on sunshine, move on. Grow some, you will feel an awful lot better, maybe ? Why the need to rejoin, after you were banned, your not missing out on anything. Think of it like a badge of honor, something to brag about down the Dukes Head ;-0.

Yeah I know I'm a piss taker, but if you want to read strictly angling blogs, their are masses out in cyber space. Some very, very well written, while others are as mundane as a mundane thing, this possibly being one of those. I'm sitting on a pile of Doppelgangers at present so these need to be aired soon, cracking one of me too that was sent into the Yat phone last week.

But in the words of the late Kenny Everette, it's all done in the best possible taste.

More unilateral bollocks coming soon, no doubt. So enjoy your Sunday afternoon, I'm off to cook the girls dinner.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. A wonderful rant lover. Don't put yourself down, I love your blog and its as good as any out there in Intergoogle land. I agree about sitting on yer ass all day waiting for a pull - I last about 20 minutes before I'm looking at my watch or dozing off.

    And I told you autumn was coming - always a head of the game that's me :o)

    Merry Christmas

    1. Dave,

      I was practicing self-deprecation ;-0. You know me in person, so you are aware what I'm like. The Sussex Hermit said to me ages ago..."When I read your blog, it's like having a conversation with you, in that I can hear your voice, you post as you talk"

      I've said before that to just blog about angling, is just not me. It would bore the shite out of most people. It's all Roccas fault though, he encouraged me to start this up over four years ago.

      It's all just a bit of fun to me, take the piss out of me and everyone. Give people a laugh or two. Life is to short, to don one serious cap.

      As for Christmas, the beloved has already asked "Where shall we put the tree this year".

      Anyway, back to the Roast Pork and me a good Yiddish boy.