Saturday, 5 July 2014

Procrastinating By The River

I fancied and easy day to today, sat on my arse, doing very little. Playing out in my mind all week how those Carp on my local river would be putty in my hands. Swims thought of, the battle that would surely come to fruition, elation that would come my way emerging victorious like a gladiator. Milking the applause from a fictional Colosseum

In truth, not a thing happened.

Not a fish showed, bating two areas that always, always hold Carp proved fruitless. The river today seemed lifeless, no topping, no sploshing around, a complete and utter blank.

Go round you bastard.
It goes like that some times for us all, but today was a struggle moving between two areas in the pissing rain. I think I'll go back to the lure fishing next weekend, lest I return to the earth through lack of movement.

But, a nice little ending. My mate Mr. Double Decker has been Barbel fishing for around twenty years and he has never had a double, piss poor show if you ask me. Yesterday I received a text at around three o'clock that read "Just got to the Avon mate".

Two hours or so later, a call came in from a deranged lunatic ....."I've done it mate, done it , done it, Jas 13.5, you should see the size of it, Christ it nearly had the rod off the rest, I could not stop it, thought I could not, a bloke is coming to take a photo." At around this time I was on the work phone to a client, who some how, cough , got cut off.

So here you go sunshine, just for you. I'm so pleased for you as I know how much it means after so long. Take a bow and then some.

It was caught from those hallowed banks on the Longford Estate, that gem of a river that is Hampshire Avon, where Mr. DD ply's his trade. The only downside is, the fishing attire that adorns this new Barbel legend as their does seem to be a new one along every week. Look mate your not on the Wandle now, make an effort will you. If old Tom was still alive you would have been scolded for your lack of dress sense ! Sent to the scullery to prepare his lordships Salmon.

As for me, well I'm off to lick my wounds.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. That fish isn't 13!!!!! I should know im a trent barbel specialist.

    W. Glossop.

  2. 'Licking your wounds' after a single carp blank? You are either brilliant or you expect too much lover, which is it?

    1. In truth I do expect to catch them, they give themselves away readily. I think though, with the weather being hot of late, they were further up, where they like to spawn.

      They will return, always do. ;-0

  3. Jason

    Yes they have been spawning in the last week and did you loose a set of pliers,as i found some.Also who is Tom.

    All the best and i hope to bump into you soon.


    1. Pete,

      I did mate, I'll be back down at the weekend if your about ? If not not drop me an email, be nice to catch up.

      Old Tom,