Saturday, 12 July 2014

Nooks and Cranny's

A different river for me today, one that has not  seen me cast a line here for about two years. It's certainly changed since I last ambled about. A favourite pool of mine is now no good for fishing, flood damage has put paid to this, trees now lay from bank to bank, altering the flow so it's now looking tired and a shadow of it's former self. Gruff had a nineteen pound Pike from it around three years ago, the memory still makes us both smile, for she was pristine in every way.

I have set myself a little target for the remainder of the summer, I want to catch a four pound plus Chub on a surface lure. With that in mind, venturing fourth early this morning to seek out my chosen quarry. It's a creep about, cast on your knees little stretch. Mostly over grown, shallow and fast interspersed with some small weir pools and deeper areas. I found various small shoals of Chub, mostly groups of three to for fish, some good ones too.

First cast the lure went past a group of fish, with a small plop on the surface and one Chub turned to investigate, came close, opened  it's mouth as it was inched back then just melted away, the lure carried on it's journey and was hit by a Jack. Not what I had in mind.

The Chub in this area were now gone and this pattern continued all morning. Crawling into casting range, rod low, cast out, another Jack attack. No matter where I fished, my target species  were thwarted by miniature Pike.

By noon when I packed up, the total was Chub nil, Jack Pike nine. Creeping about sometimes on all fours to get under small gaps in the  bushes, was great fun though. On light tackle small Pike are good sport, leaping, shaking their heads and just generally doing that aggressive , I'm a bad arse little tyke ritual that is surely  ingrained from birth. Only the one photo, how many little Pike need to adorn a blog entry, they are all much of a muchness. Fishing in such dense foliage I did not realise how hot it is today, coming out into the sun, was like stepping from a plane on holiday.

The Chub quest will continue, not here though elsewhere. Thoroughly enjoyed myself , I'm yet to meet another angler this current season, apart from Gruff, who bailed out a few weeks back  after an hour as he was a little hungover. Just the way I and I'm sure many others like it. In truth, the start of this season has been something new, we have all thrown spinners about at times, from our youth and maybe to the present day with very little thought. It suits me down to the ground, minimal tackle that goes well with me getting on and off public transport to fish, when my main angling partner can't make it. Yeah I'm enjoying it massively. Surface fishing is a blast!

This came into the Yat Phone yesterday from Yessling Ying, who was out doing his weekly shop at Lidl in down town Ros Vegas. With every ten pound spent, you received this flyer for some guided days to fish for Boris,Whisker or Beards. Now Steve, I know possibly that I am not your favourite person on the planet. But some advice, from one who deals with front facing client/marketing on a daily basis. Not Lidl, your a man of class, you need to get these given out at Waitrose. Or if you like send me some and they can be distributed at more upmarket establishments, free advice from the heart.

Keeping with the Vorest theme, news reaches me here at Yat Rock, that the new Star Wars movie is being created in the home of the six fingered massive. The link is below, I know Ying and his flock, got a knock back as extras for the movie. Seeing that they are just to out of this world to be real aliens.,%20it%20is!

This  here speaks volumes, for the people who dwell in this netherworld, home of recidivists and freaks.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and if your bank side,well you know.

Be Lucky.

Monty D

Ps I almost forgot , Peter thanks for coming over early this morning with my lost pliers, top man :-)


  1. Getting hit by anything on a surface lure is addictive stuff Jase, you could be lost to the 'lures or bust' fraternity by the end of the month.
    Maybe a day with Mr P on the fabulous lower Wye will help you get back on track.

    And as for The Forest - I always thought it was known as Ewok Central anyway.

    Wonderful blog as always lover.

  2. Dave,

    No chance of "Lure or Bust" once September arrives I will have a few trips out for Barbel, the Barder is getting jealous ;-0.

    Off out for a cupla now,enjoy the final tonight. Argentina will do for me, as our old West Ham boy was superb the other night. Why Curbishley did not fancy him, is beyond me.

    1. An entertaining final for once, I ended up siding with Germany as they were marginally less dirty than Argentina but the play acting! More like bloody drama school the football.

    2. Dave,

      I fell asleep about ten minutes into extra time, so I missed what people tell me was a very good goal.

      The Germans in work today were cock a hoop. And why not.

  3. Fair play to you Monty, the Lidl comment brought a smile! You may not be my favourite person but you're far from the worst and I do have a sense of humour. Hope the season goes well for you, all the best.

  4. Steve,

    I know you have a sense of humour, Christ your a S***s fan ;-0. As you well know, it's just a gentle piss take.

    Enjoy your season too, for it's a cracking past time.

    Be lucky, though not in the first game of the season.