Friday, 25 July 2014

Friday Fun

With the weather forecast last weekend woefully wrong, in that it predicted major storms and rain of biblical proportions, me well I gave the fishing a miss. And you know what, not a drop fell our way. But truly, me being on the river bank in thunderstorms I'm sure would have been a recipe for disaster, one less angler to worry about of that I have no doubt.

Today I popped out getting the first train down, chosen to fish the same beat where I fished on the opening day of the season. I'm sure not a soul has been their apart from me, this photo below is where I cut my way to the river four weeks back, it's now higher than before. Not having the heart to do it all again in this heat I moved about a mile upstream.

The plan was to fish soft lures for Perch for the first two hours or so, then change over and target the Chub, when the sun got up. Easy, very easy fishing at first. Roaming about, flicking the lure where ever I fancied resulted in over a dozen fish, none of any size today, mostly all the same stamp. Just good old honest fun. Crap  photo's though, the old camera shake, need to take a hip flask in future to steady the hand.

 The next four hours, done my proverbial brain in. What is it with Chub on my river, in that they show such disdain for my efforts, to get them on a surface lure. They either melt away, have a little look, think about it, then just mooch off. I had a break for a sandwich around 10 o'clock, absent mindedly threw some crust in, something that we all do most probably. It slipped away down stream and was swallowed by some white lips. What can you do but laugh, man has evolved over thousands of years, in that some of us can even walk upright now.

While, you the angler is getting out foxed by a fish, who's only claim to fame is that it's slimy. I reckon maybe another four weeks of summer to get one on the top, then my Barbel fishing will start in earnest. If it carry's on thus, I'm thinking of introducing a few Otters, see who's the smart arse then. Yeah that 'ill learn 'em.

The river needs some rain though, it's not been this low in the summer in some places for around ten years.


How do you feel about these being on your local river, me well they make me smile. But not for everyone it seems, recently in a local tackle emporium one angler was heard to say "They all need shooting, as they eat weed, that then floats down stream and fouls my line". Jesus Christ, what do people expect them to do, phone up and ask the local curry house to do a delivery, while people are fishing. This little family today caused me no distress at all.

I could not let this one slip by unnoticed.

How does one push a pair of braid scissors "To Destruction". Get your very own braid scissors drill sergeant obviously.

"On your knees in the mud you fox bastard, how low will you go"
"I'm not going to quit Sir!"
"Your just not cutting it, you mutha fucka, your arse is mine"
"I'm not going to quit Sir"

I'm sure you get the general idea, now I know dear old Bob Roberts tweaked the nose of Fatwa recently on his blog. But Bob you over stepped the mark, taking the piss out of Fatwa is my remit. Go and find your own forum to take the piss out of, please.

That's me done, more inane drivel to read or maybe not. Enjoy your weekend and if your on the bank, hug a swan.

Be Lucky.

Monty D

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Nooks and Cranny's

A different river for me today, one that has not  seen me cast a line here for about two years. It's certainly changed since I last ambled about. A favourite pool of mine is now no good for fishing, flood damage has put paid to this, trees now lay from bank to bank, altering the flow so it's now looking tired and a shadow of it's former self. Gruff had a nineteen pound Pike from it around three years ago, the memory still makes us both smile, for she was pristine in every way.

I have set myself a little target for the remainder of the summer, I want to catch a four pound plus Chub on a surface lure. With that in mind, venturing fourth early this morning to seek out my chosen quarry. It's a creep about, cast on your knees little stretch. Mostly over grown, shallow and fast interspersed with some small weir pools and deeper areas. I found various small shoals of Chub, mostly groups of three to for fish, some good ones too.

First cast the lure went past a group of fish, with a small plop on the surface and one Chub turned to investigate, came close, opened  it's mouth as it was inched back then just melted away, the lure carried on it's journey and was hit by a Jack. Not what I had in mind.

The Chub in this area were now gone and this pattern continued all morning. Crawling into casting range, rod low, cast out, another Jack attack. No matter where I fished, my target species  were thwarted by miniature Pike.

By noon when I packed up, the total was Chub nil, Jack Pike nine. Creeping about sometimes on all fours to get under small gaps in the  bushes, was great fun though. On light tackle small Pike are good sport, leaping, shaking their heads and just generally doing that aggressive , I'm a bad arse little tyke ritual that is surely  ingrained from birth. Only the one photo, how many little Pike need to adorn a blog entry, they are all much of a muchness. Fishing in such dense foliage I did not realise how hot it is today, coming out into the sun, was like stepping from a plane on holiday.

The Chub quest will continue, not here though elsewhere. Thoroughly enjoyed myself , I'm yet to meet another angler this current season, apart from Gruff, who bailed out a few weeks back  after an hour as he was a little hungover. Just the way I and I'm sure many others like it. In truth, the start of this season has been something new, we have all thrown spinners about at times, from our youth and maybe to the present day with very little thought. It suits me down to the ground, minimal tackle that goes well with me getting on and off public transport to fish, when my main angling partner can't make it. Yeah I'm enjoying it massively. Surface fishing is a blast!

This came into the Yat Phone yesterday from Yessling Ying, who was out doing his weekly shop at Lidl in down town Ros Vegas. With every ten pound spent, you received this flyer for some guided days to fish for Boris,Whisker or Beards. Now Steve, I know possibly that I am not your favourite person on the planet. But some advice, from one who deals with front facing client/marketing on a daily basis. Not Lidl, your a man of class, you need to get these given out at Waitrose. Or if you like send me some and they can be distributed at more upmarket establishments, free advice from the heart.

Keeping with the Vorest theme, news reaches me here at Yat Rock, that the new Star Wars movie is being created in the home of the six fingered massive. The link is below, I know Ying and his flock, got a knock back as extras for the movie. Seeing that they are just to out of this world to be real aliens.,%20it%20is!

This  here speaks volumes, for the people who dwell in this netherworld, home of recidivists and freaks.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and if your bank side,well you know.

Be Lucky.

Monty D

Ps I almost forgot , Peter thanks for coming over early this morning with my lost pliers, top man :-)

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Procrastinating By The River

I fancied and easy day to today, sat on my arse, doing very little. Playing out in my mind all week how those Carp on my local river would be putty in my hands. Swims thought of, the battle that would surely come to fruition, elation that would come my way emerging victorious like a gladiator. Milking the applause from a fictional Colosseum

In truth, not a thing happened.

Not a fish showed, bating two areas that always, always hold Carp proved fruitless. The river today seemed lifeless, no topping, no sploshing around, a complete and utter blank.

Go round you bastard.
It goes like that some times for us all, but today was a struggle moving between two areas in the pissing rain. I think I'll go back to the lure fishing next weekend, lest I return to the earth through lack of movement.

But, a nice little ending. My mate Mr. Double Decker has been Barbel fishing for around twenty years and he has never had a double, piss poor show if you ask me. Yesterday I received a text at around three o'clock that read "Just got to the Avon mate".

Two hours or so later, a call came in from a deranged lunatic ....."I've done it mate, done it , done it, Jas 13.5, you should see the size of it, Christ it nearly had the rod off the rest, I could not stop it, thought I could not, a bloke is coming to take a photo." At around this time I was on the work phone to a client, who some how, cough , got cut off.

So here you go sunshine, just for you. I'm so pleased for you as I know how much it means after so long. Take a bow and then some.

It was caught from those hallowed banks on the Longford Estate, that gem of a river that is Hampshire Avon, where Mr. DD ply's his trade. The only downside is, the fishing attire that adorns this new Barbel legend as their does seem to be a new one along every week. Look mate your not on the Wandle now, make an effort will you. If old Tom was still alive you would have been scolded for your lack of dress sense ! Sent to the scullery to prepare his lordships Salmon.

As for me, well I'm off to lick my wounds.

Be Lucky

Monty D