Thursday, 12 June 2014

You Know It's Coming

On a river near you are Frank and Fred, enjoying a little chat.

"Alright Frank, how was your Spring?"
"Not to bad Fred, just back from Marbs, where I saw the cast of TOWIE and what a shower of shite that lot are".
"Not good that Frank, anyway what did you want to have a word about?"
"It's coming Fred"
"What's coming?
"That lot"
"What lot?"

"That lot, the ones who shall not be named"
"Oh for fooks sake, is it that the time of year already"
"Yep the FATWA lot are primed and ready to go, Christ I have been reading some drivel the last few months over their. This underwater app comes in reet handy, I'm now well versed in landing nets, the pros and cons of the close season, lobster or crab boilies that one gadje even asked about recently"

"Oh do leave off, they are both crustaceans we are not fussy ,said poster needs to get a fooking life"
"Aye, but to them we are the be all and end all, they are trying to get a Barbel caliphate to cover the whole of the UK"

"But we have not even spawned yet, that is due to start on Sunday afternoon and go on for a week or so, can they not give us a fooking break"
"Afraid not my old son, we are the be all and end all to them as I said before, forget the Royal Roach the Pugnacious Perch, even the melodramatic Millers Thumb. They have waited and debated three long months, and they must be sated with their Boris, Whisker and most annoyingly Beards!"

"I don't suppose they will reconsider?"
"Fook all chance my old son, so batten down the hatches as you know it's coming"

"Fancy a pint down the Row Barge, before it get's to busy"
"Yep race you to the bottom of the Dalston beat, loser get's 'em in"

I'll be out as many of us will on Monday, but plan to do something completely different this year. I'm really buzzing about the start. The close season seems to fly past quicker as one get's older. So to everyone, friend, foe, fisherman. Let us hope the weather is much kinder this coming season and just enjoy doing what yo do. For we never really know what is around the corner.

The World Cup.

Just a very quick one on this, I'm just hoping to see some exceptional football played, highly unlikely by our "Kick and Rush" boys, who I feel will struggle to get out of the group. Lady D and I have both drawn Brazil in our respective work sweep stakes, so that's a touch!

I would like to see,without England of course a final between Brazil and Argentina. I honestly do not think a European side will win in South America. Plenty of good games to see in the group stages though. So enjoy.

Once again, enjoy your season, maybe deviate from species to species as many of us do and give the single species myopia a miss this time around? Who knows you may enjoy yourself more.

Be Lucky.

Monty D 


  1. Cracking blog Monty, happy new season and may your rod bend on a regular basis.

    Front cover of Private Eye summed up the footie perfectly. Just enjoy the good teams then pocket your winnings.

    1. Dave,

      Just a little piss take ;-0.

      As for the football, watching the Spain-Holland game now. The Spaniard is jumping up and down over in Lincs, good first half though. Nice to see players who want the ball as opposed to hoooooooooof ;-0

    2. You a piss take? :-o

      I missed the game last night - damn! Late night tonight though.

  2. You need to leave off those folk at FATWA.....They care for their sport an won't betide anyone or critter that gets in their way!
    Good ol "Red Neck" John W is really going to town recently, what with his creepy "good luck" stuff an his "Gonna kill every feckin one of em"!
    I think this season is Going to be a vintage year for the old boy in the Keyboard Dept!!
    Anyway Monty happy Boris Hunting an remember those "furry bundles of Death" are protected species no matter what John boy and his Clan say!