Saturday, 21 June 2014

Summer Solstice

Wow today is the longest day, and blog friend Yessling Ying sent a cupla of photos into the Yat Phone here at Yat Rock. No long haul flights for this family, no Butlins, they really went native. They trooped off to Stonehenge and got bang on it.

Magic Mushroom Soup, Vorrest of Dean Quiche, that has added fingers and hooves for that extra taste. What's not to like if your from the Vorrest? Below is Ying leading the assembled throng, the chant is almost tangibly, "Son of sons, give me my Wye double Boris FFS" .

Below we have the real photo sent into the Yat Phone, sunrise over Stonehenge, by the man himself. How can you not love this ? Why was it built ,how many of our forefathers have stood their over the century's, just like Ying today thinking " I could kill a Sausage and Egg Mac muffin right now" Or maybe not ?

Cracking photo though mate, glad you all enjoyed it . Now I was supposed to fish today, but work got in the way. Shit happens, it really did, I got a call late last night from our security guard along the lines of " You have a leak over your office", not just mine. A large area, it was a soil pipe that had gone BANG. You can imagine the mess ?

So if your out on the bank.

Be Lucky

 Monty D


  1. Stonehenge, now there's an interesting annual gathering of souls :o)

    In Neil Oliver's book History of Ancient Britain he reckons that is was formed to celebrate the winter solstice as they always had a big knees up just before times got tough. Maybe there'd be less 'Druids, hippies and hangers on if it was all about the shortest day.

    Enjoy your shitty job mate, I'm off fishing.

  2. Dave,

    I'm at work now and in this weather, it appears over time a blockage has occurred, it's backed up considerably and well you can guess the rest.

    Now relocated to another floor, what a poxy mess. If anyone wants to phone me in the week, use the mobile as fuck knows what work number I will be using.

    Oh and enjoy your fishing.

  3. Ying says.....Very good, shag, very good !

    1. It just popped into my head mate, as things often do ;-0