Saturday, 28 June 2014

Perch on Lures Part Two

After the debacle of the hole in the landing net on opening day, I was keen to get out and have another session, using the lure tackle. I did in the week, purchase a new net. In truth I felt very smug, in that I made my own decision, no need to look through 957 threads on landing net's you know where.

Walked into my local tackle shop, picked up a net, paid and walked out again. It felt liberating, to have ones own mind. But prior to starting fishing this morning I thought it best to double check.


I only had a window of three hours before the forecast storms came, but selecting to fish a different beat of river this week I spent as much time, cutting my way down to the water as I did on opening day. So a three hour session equates to about 90 minutes fishing. For the first half an hour, casting two inch Kyoptos proved fruitless.

So I changed over to a surface lure, moved down stream to an area that had lots of streamer weed. First cast and the lure came back across the weed, rather than up through the channel. The second cast was spot on,I brought the lure very slowly up through the clearing and WALLOP, it was gone. No need to strike this fish wanted this bait badly, my first thoughts were Jack! Then I caught sight of it in the crystal clear water, big Perch, very nice fish that. Clutch slackened off a little, you don't want a hook pull with this one sunshine. This is about the time I normally converse with God "Please,please God, please don't let this fish come off". God had my back and she went into the net first time.

Peering over the bank and into the net, I thought "That may just beat your PB of 3.12.".Unhooking mat given a liberal soaking, scales and camera ready and up she comes. I'm shaking now, what a cracking fish. Scales zeroed, up she goes tick ,tick, tick and the needle goes around and settles on 3.10. Two ounces short but a PB on a lure, chuffed as hell.

She will be a big girl at the back end of the season, a simply huge frame. If you have never caught a large Perch, you can't fully understand how big they are in the flesh. And people tell me they are not worth targeting in the summer, as they are not at their best,well bollocks to that.

This is the lure that done the damage today, a small Brown Bomber.

I had two more, both around two pound, so a good morning. I was home by eleven, soaked in a downpour, stung, bitten but very happy.

Next week I'll take it easy, fish all day in one swim and wait for the Pin to wake me up.

Random Irritations Part Three.

I must be getting grumpier as the years go by. Pursuing various forums recently certain phrases have been creeping in that really piss me off. One is "Thanks for Sharing" when another poster, submits a photo and you get "Thanks for Sharing". What's that all about ?

The seemingly ubiquitous use of the now fabled +1 winds me up, stop will you, I beseech thee, your like a flock of sheep without the brain power! Just because someone posts +1, you do not have to follow suit. Think for your selves will ya.

But the kiddy, the main man, is the phrase "Good Skills". Now this really does make the blood pressure rise, you may as well post " I'm a total arse kisser and please be my internet chum"'Grrrrr. Perhaps something more thoughtful  is " Nice fish mate, well worth the effort", then again maybe not.

Deep breaths Monty, breathe in, breathe out.Nurse.......


Last word on the Louis Suarez and can he bite like a nag saga, this cartoon in Thursdays Times made me chuckle, very apt it is to. What can you say about our lot though, poor, dreadful, shite or they just do not seem to care. Either way you look at it, their can be no excuses. We just cannot cut the proverbial Coleman's in such rarefied competitions, nope San Marino is about our limit at present. Even then it's all kick,bollock and bite, no one wanting to produce that little piece of sublime magic. Scared of touching the ball as if it's a stick of dynamite, just hoof.

I've not had any music videos on here for ages, so I thought I would slip in, one of my favorite Nina Simmone songs, seeing as those poor folk down at Glastonbury are forecast to get a drenching. My stepdaughter has gone for the weekend, now I thought she was mad. For who in their right mind, wants to camp out, get cold,  and covered in mud? But then I thought, who is the mad one. Years ago I used to Bivvie up for a few days at a time, in the vain hope of a Carp or two, but possibly the main difference between then and now, is that more drugs were available on the waters I used to fish than at "Glasto". Yes, you LoneWolfy, I know all about your syndicate, it may contain some ancient fish, but it's like a scene from Cheech and Chong and your Bivvie comes with it's own bong, with Pizza Hut on speed dial, for how we say "those peckish moments".

Footnote: I'm not glamorizing the use of drugs people, be like Zamo and just say NO! If your aged under thirty and reading this, I assume Zamo will mean sweet FA to you, so crack on at will. On your heads be it.

Nina had her mental health issues, but then don't we all ? But the lady had a style of her own and I for one love her music.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and if your on the bank, watch out for the weed, it's a killer.

Be Lucky.

Monty D


  1. a tip your catch rates may improve if you ditch the trace and go with a fluorocarbon leader as wire tends to put perch off.

    1. I'm sure this is a wind up, from someone I know ? Nice try, but If not, well with Pike about, why not use a wire trace ?It did not put the fish off today.

  2. Stonking perch Monty, well done. Caught the proper way too! ;)

    1. Paul,

      Thanks, but not as good as 35 Pike in three hours ;-0. Normally I do not start to fish for Pike and Perch until the Autumn, but these last few years the weather has been so bad, I wanted to have a go at "fun fishing" earlier in the year.

      But that Perch was simply huge, she did not have a "Crayfish Belly", like many I've had that are short and stocky. Would I like to catch her again at a higher weight?, Na not really, she made me smile today.

  3. Monty you are certainly on some fantastic Perch fishing, a real purple patch, I envy that big 3 too!, id love to find somewhere like that to just have a couple of and then leave alone for the winter and then catch them at full weight. Well in.

    1. James,

      Try your local bit of the Thames mate ;-0

  4. Yessling Ying says.....Superb mate, very well done ! Oh.....good skills too ;)

    1. So, so predictable ;-0. But you know when you come over they will be conspicuous by there absence. It will be a mini Minnow love in.

  5. Cracking perch squire, what a fish...... nice net too - good choice


  6. Pm me for camo fluorocarbon leaders!

  7. Superb perch Monty, nice one.

  8. Dave, Ben,

    Yep it made getting up for work on a Monday that little bit easier. Strangely I've only spotted one Chub so far this season, then again I suppose hacking down foliage makes them skittish and they drift away ?

  9. Cracking perch Monty, they certainly do look big at that size and deserve the prayer at your first glance ;o)

    1. Fred,

      Ta muchly, today was a chore though.