Saturday, 17 May 2014

Old Haunts

Well the close season is flying past, me well I have not had the time or inclination to wet a line. Lady D and I finally got around to getting married one month ago today. Just a small intimate family gathering, nothing flash or fancy as we are not kids. It's funny as I would not class myself as a nervous person, but fuck me on the morning of the wedding I was a wreck. Thankfully the best man arrived early and calmed me down with a cupla beers. And his words were "Jas, savor every moment as the day will be over in a flash". His not wrong, before we knew it we were back home, all done and dusted. No time for a honeymoon as of yet, but we are Antigua bound in September

The Family.
Today the original plan was to pop down to Marsh Farm, but I decided to take a walk along a river that I have not fished for years. In all honesty because of it's urban environment I kind of fell out of love with the place. But Gruff has shown an interest in fishing here in the forthcoming season, so my walking boots were put on and off I sauntered.Normally it should be running gin clear being that it is a chalk stream, but yet gain another pollution incident has occurred a few miles upstream from this photo here.The Environment Agency are carrying out tests, but as of yet they have not identified the cause.  

I did however chance across this on a different stretch from the photo's above.Now if this is kids,well their den making skills have far surpassed anything we managed in our youth. Perhaps it was a BS member taking his spawn spotting very seriously, in that he felt the need to camp out all night? Alas no, out popped a head and an Eastern European gentleman who inquired "What you want", me being me just laughed and explained it was the close season and suggested he packed his shit away. I then phoned the EA and suggested they came down, if they did or not I do not know.The close season eh don't you just love it?  

Can I be tempted back to fish my old haunts, well  the river does hold some cracking fish. But I'm not sure that fishing here again would really light my fire so to speak. Time will out as with all things I guess.

But our old friends over on Fatwa have been keeping me entertained with this thread here.

It's comedy gold for all the wrong reasons, but they seem to take immense joy in pontificating on all things mundane. Please guys never, ever stop it makes the working day pass so much better.

I cannot end this blog entry without a huge debt of gratitude to S***s.The six points we took off you this season kept us in the Premier League. The vast sums of filthy lucre you spent and yet again your ambitions for Champions League football imploded. Still we were not much kop at all, but then again beating you three times in a season was a pleasure.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Congratulations lover but I can't picture you being the nervous type, it makes you seem quite cute :o)

  2. I know it goes against the grain Dave ;-0. Off for a stroll down a different river now, cracking morning.

  3. You're boxing well above your weight there, shag. ;) Ying.

  4. Had a walk myself a few days ago on an old stretch of river I fished hard for 4years for a mere handful of Boris
    Took Millie the fearless Staffie who managed to bound through the long Grass and come across a couple of swans Sunning themselves.....Never seen her run so fast in the opposite direction with her Bum trying to overtake her head an a bloody great male swan closely in pursuit!
    very funny to watch from my point of view but millie not so methinks!!
    Anyway this Year along with the estate Lakes
    I have decided to return to this unspoilt bit of river....spotted some loverly River Carp unlikely to have ever seen a hook
    Its just got to be worth a few trips as this definitely is a situation of "just how Big" do they Grow?
    I'll do the homework, work out the swim, bait it for you couple of times, then you can come down and hopefully catch a biggie!
    if you fancy it Montie Lad?
    The Place is full of Hares and Owls and is not overgrown with trees so hopefully you should not get to frightened if you fish in the evening Glome !
    ....speak soon bud

    1. Kev,

      Sounds good to me and I'm sure Gruff will fancy a trip or two soon.

    2. Don't do it Monty - he say 'Boris' instead of barbel which is one step from the dark side :-o

    3. Dave,

      He was looking for a bite from me I'm sure ;-0

  5. Congratulations Monty! Looking dapper sir.

  6. Congratulations on tying the knot Monty, looking grand!

    1. Cheers Fred, the girls done me proud ;-0

  7. Not popped in for a bit, wanted to wish you both all the very best for the future. Congratulations!

    1. JAA,

      Sorry missed this, many thanks for the kind words.