Saturday, 11 January 2014

New Toys

Christmas was a wash out for most of us in the South East of the country,my local rivers reached their highest ever levels owing to the floods.Watching the carnage reaped by the excess water on the news was a surreal experience.Roads and pathways that I walk down,to get to the river were under three feet of water.

Homes and businesses were submerged,so in the scheme of things not being able to fish was a very small thing compared to those that suffered flood damage.Though I'm sure Lady D would beg to differ,as I was climbing the walls by the end of the holidays.

Today though I was up and out early,my new toys were to get an airing,keeping an eye on the EA river levels all week things looked promising,with the water receding daily.

All Ready To Go.

When I arrived my heart sank,the level was still well up and a horrible tea colour.Not really conducive for a few hours lure fishing.But I was here so I gave it a go,starting with small shads,looking for some slack areas to bounce them along the bottom on a slow retrieve that brought no joy.Various swims,lure colours were tried to no avail.But it was nice to see how the new tackle performed.You could really feel the lure moving with little flicks and taps that the rod imparted.Then a rare,rare sight of late,the sun shone on Box Hill.

The last hour I decided to fish below the weir,where I have caught well in the past.The Pike patrol along a shelf about thirty feet out and the Perch closer in.I switched to a Mepps spinner hopeful that the added flash would bring some interests.No joy here also,the floods have deposited all manner of snags in the slack water.But thankfully no new shiny lures were lost in the process,around eleven o'clock I gave it up as a bad job.Nice to be out in the sun,it really was a cracking morning.My head says I maybe should have fished for Chub,but you know what its like,you have new toys and you just have to use them.On arriving home,a text message had to be sent to Mum,to let her know I got home safely.Mums eh,do they ever stop worrying?

Now some advice if I may be so bold.If there are any young budding specimen hunters reading this blog(can't think why not as this place is a hot bed of tips and tricks) please try not to get aired on the Discovery Shed channel.Poor old Matt Hayes and his programmes have been shown again and again.Look how it has aged him,yuk.Matt I know you look in from time to time,get yourself a facial mate.Clarins for Men is your best chance to regain your youthful boyish good looks,in a totally non homosexual way.

An appeal now........Have a heart you internet folk.Below we have dear old Rich Frampton,who is looking for a good forum to post on.After being banned from Fatwa a few years back,he recently purchased a small item of tackle with a view to posting on the forum again(you need your head examined Rich),but news into the Yat phone late last night,it appears he has been blown out.So If anyone out their can offer this loyal servant a good home to post on,please let me know here at Yat Rock.Or Rich,you can as Baz Fisher does,use Jerry Gleesons account,the dozy bugger.

I will come back to West Ham next week,as I want to see what transpires after today's game away to Cardiff .So enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Your picture looks a bit like Trefor West's mug shot :o)

    Only a daft or stubborn bugger would lure fish in those conditions mate, well done on your determination no matter how misplaced.

    1. Daft and stubborn sums me up very well ;-0,

  2. I don't know about a TW resemblance, Dave & Monty, looks more to me like the peeler who got blasted by Raoul Moat.... David Rathband I think it was, up Newcastle way a coupla years ago.

    Felicitations for this (almost still) new year to you both and others who pass by here,

    1. Now you mention it Mike ;-0.Best get off to work.

  3. Good start Monty perhaps ol' Sam will doit?
    Happy new year and may it be healthy and fishful.;o)

    1. Fred,

      It will be very tight for six or so teams down the bottom,our run of games look hard though.