Saturday, 25 January 2014

Lure Fishing Again

Fishing for me last weekend was out of the equation,it was my old mans 67th birthday and as a treat we had arranged to meet over at Upton Park,where we were yet again abysmal.I know what you are thinking,you must really hate your old man,to subject him to that on his birthday.This season though we have mostly been shocking.

Chuck into the mix I have had the shits.One minute Thursday evening I was fine,then out of know where came a torrent upon torrent of the runs.Every time I went to cross the bathroom threshold and come back downstairs the loo morphed into the Exorcist "You can't leave I want to play".Christ I ended up with cramp in my legs I spent so long on the throne.

All this week I've been looking at the EA website,checking the river levels.Up and down like a Yo-yo.And with more rain last night I got two sets of tackle ready.In the blue corner was the Barbel gear"Go on take us,give over to your inner Fatwa zealot,we will even open an account for you on Fatwa world,join us,join us".And in the red corner the lure gear"Well I'm not going to be christened sat at home"

The lure gear won.I got the first train down to the river today and it was,as to be expected still up,pushing hard and cloured.For the first hour I fished like a wanker,no really.I was casting a Mepps about with no real thought.I had a sit down and a little think"Look Monts,you know this river,the fish have to be feeding some where,it has been like this for weeks,if they don't eat they die"I went for a walk.

Settling into a large slack area,with a good depth under my feet I changed to a small Kopyto Shad with a seven gram jig head.I flicked the bait out and bounce,up,bounce,up,bounce,not up.Then the rod hooped right over and the clutch melted.No Perch this,a nice Pike shot up and decided to lead me a merry dance,tail walking and shaking her head,gills flared and a look of utter malevolence in her eyes.After a couple of minutes she rolled into the net.Maybe a scrapper double at best?A nice way to christen the rod.I gave it another half an hour and moved.

Looking for more slack areas I managed three Perch.None big,but a nice way to catch them.It's funny the bites were very delicate,more a tightening on the line,not a thump or a thud if that makes sense.Plus it's hopefully a way to avoid the Crayfish. 

This is the soft lure that done the damage today,looking a little jaded at the end.Cheap as chips and if I may,a little plug now for a tackle company.I bought some gear online Monday evening from agmproducts.They arrived at home on Wednesday,they even refunded some postage,that to me that is very good service.Here be the link....

I packed up at 11.30,I would have stayed longer,on arrival the river was empty of other human life.But it being a lovely mild day,hordes of anglers adorned the banks necks craned to the sky looking at rod tops.I'll not moan to much,as most of us have been pissed off with all the water about,so other anglers want to get out.But yep I'm happy enough,no more rain please!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Be Lucky

Monty D


  1. Looks a grand session mate, a few fish on the bank to lures is always enjoyable. Never thought to hook those kopytos like that, I normally have the hook coming out the back "straight" but I'll give the side on a go. Ditch the traces you have, they're pants. Those clips often open up on pike and you risk losing the fish and lure. You can't beat making up your own traces, cheap and you can put your own clips. Stay lok snaps are good, or I like to use simple clips such as the Gemini genie clips, which will open up at about 20lb so spot on for light lure fishing.

  2. Paul,

    The Kopytos was hooked through the back and straight,the end photo of the lure was how it ended up,wrecked.The Pike ripped it a little,I did glue it back together,but it has gone to the lure world in the sky.

    As for the traces,silly bollocks me,left my home made traces at home.On the train down I had an "Oh no " moment.I checked my rucksack,none at all.My other lure box was in the kitchen.I found three and only three in a side pocket.And yes your right,they are mostly shite.I guess I got lucky today with the Pike.;-0

    1. Ha ha and silly bollocks me didn't read your post right and thought you'd found a new way with the kopytos! lol.

      I'm always swapping and changing bags and usually forget something so try to put a bit of each in side pockets of all the bags. Problem is then I end up carting around spare tackle I don't need!

  3. Well done mucker, a very nice catch on the new gear - bet playing the pike on that little rod was fun. And glad to hear your little botty is all better now, maybe leave a bog roll in the fridge fr a while jut in case :o)

    1. Dave,

      The rod has a stated test curve of 1.5lb,so its was no problem.Though you would not really want to play a 20 on it,as if ;-0

  4. We'll in mate, to catch from there in the condition it has been since Xmas is impressive, not a bad pike to catch either.

    1. James,

      I'm really hoping the river drops down and quickly.There is another area I want to fish,where all my better Perch over three pounds have come from over the last ten years or so.At present it is a no go.

      I'll see what happens in the week weather wise.