Friday, 31 January 2014

Doppelgängers of the Angling World Part XXVIII

Right you are then,we have not had one of these since December and so without further ado I'll slip in a very quick update.

Has anyone ever seen these two anglers on the bank at any one time?Below we have fellow blogger Russell Hilton who's blog can be found here below.

And here we have the Bear from the old television programme Bo Selacta,with a nice winter caught Mirror Carp,looking very dapper in the trapper hat I must say,these do seem to be all the vogue these days within the angling fraternity.

Wet where you are?As ever the weekend has arrived and it's pissing down and howling outside like a good 'un.The rivers are back in the fields again around our way,so this weekend will be a no show on the angling front.It just seems to go on and on,the low pressure system that is bringing rain upon rain upon rain.Will the rivers return to normal winter levels,before the season ends,it does seem a long shot at present.

It may have to be some Perch fishing on a commercial fishery next Saturday,just so that I can get my fix sated and wet a line.So it will be feet up in front of the box for us here at Yat Rock tomorrow,a bottle of plonk and the start of the six nations.

I could also laugh at that diminutive Portuguese manager,moaning about our superb defensive display on Monday night at Stamford Bridge.But,well he has never endorsed those tactics in big European games has he not.Pot and Kettle oh narcissistic one.

Enjoy your weekend.

Be lucky

Monty D    


  1. Mister Monty, I did honestly wonder if it was you with the hat and mirror carp for a second ! Peopkle in glasshouses and that....

    Had a cold three hours on t'cut yesterday for a single missed knock on me dropshotted curly tail thang.......I enjoyed it though.

    Yessling Ying.

  2. Ying,

    I'm saddened and shocked by that innuendo:-(,as for the lure fishing yesterday,at least you got out mate.I'm sure in the fullness of time you will get the hang of it.

    It's all in the wrist action and your well versed in that I am sure ;-0

  3. Haha, great doppelgänger Monty! The bear was brilliant.

  4. I also wondered if you were doing a selfie for minute but having seen the second picture I had a right old chuckle - good shot mucker which is more than the 'ammers had at Chelsea :o)

  5. Ben and Dave,

    Glad it made you both chuckle,that is what it's all about.Now I must climb down from Yat Rock and get down the bookies to plan this weeks betting coup;-0