Friday, 20 December 2013

Merry Christmas From Yat Rock

Wet where you are?Fuck me am I pissed off!I finished work on Tuesday for three whole weeks and in between the family stuff a fair few fishing trips were planned.I popped into my local tackle emporium on the way home and bought this little lot for some light lure fishing.

As many know I'm one of these odd balls who hates driving,we all have an Achilles in life and driving is mine.When I'm fishing alone I jump on and off trains to get to a few of my local rivers and this little lot weighs next to nothing.But then the rain came and today's trip and probably Mondays also,will bite the bullet as my local rivers are well up and coloured.The weather pattern is the same as last Christmas with large amounts of rain due to fall in the next week,thus pushing the rivers over the banks and into the fields.Really bollocks to it,still I suppose the garlic spam brigade will be knocking one out in anticipation of some Barbel conditions.

But I do love Christmas,and being such a good lad again this year,I'm looking forward to this man popping down the chimney in a few days.

With a little luck he will have for me a copy of the book "Backwinding" by Alan Rawden also the new DVD by Paul Witcher entitled "Magical Waters" anything else will be a bonus,some dry weather though please old boy if you can manage that?

But Christmas came early for us/me as we beat S***s AGAIN at their gaff in the week.I'm not one to really look at other football teams forums,but reading that lot after the defeat had me in stitches.We know at West Ham that we are an up and down club.If things can go wrong,then they will for us.We are used to it and shrug it off.Take the piss and roll with it.

S***s,well they seem to think they should belong in the higher echelons of the footballing pantheons.Bitter,delusional,grandiose bunch of wankers if ever there were.Whine,whinge,moan,feet stomping I could go on and on.

"Those East London Fuckers Done Us Again"
But I'm popping out soon for a cupla pints.So I will wish you all a very Merry Christmas and thank you for reading and enjoying my inane drivel this past year from upon high on Yat Rock.

Be Lucky

Monty D

Friday, 6 December 2013

Doppelgangers of the Angling Wold Part XXVII

Time for another one of these to grace Yat Rock.Have either of these two fine fellows been seen on the bank at the same time?

Below we have all round inept Dad from the US hit series that is Family Guy,holding on to some pussy that he fought long into the night.RIP Brian the dog

And below we have Boltonian wit and all round good egg(or so I've been told) Mr.Ian "Crooky" Crook.Now Ian also happens to be the Chairman of Twyford and District Angling Club,a permit I had for a couple of seasons and some lovely water is to be had with this club too,though one particular venue does get a little busy for my liking.But another string to his bow,is that he is a SUPER MODERATOR,on Barbel Fatwa World,if anyone can let me know how one becomes a SUPER MODERATOR,please let me know here at Yat Rock,for their is a small prize of a packet of hooks waiting for you,keep it clean though.And they are free!

Meanwhile Over In The Welsh Marches..............

A chairman of a single species group,can be found with his new prize possession.I think he may have found his vocation in life?

No fishing for me this weekend as I'll be stuck in the office unfortunately,still even that beats Christmas Shopping.And we are away to Liverpool,this could be very messy for us if we play as bad as we did against Crystal Palace the other evening,fingers crossed Luis Suarez sated his appetite for goals on Wednesday.Though already I'm fearing the worst,but good news Andy "I have a sore foot" Carroll,is back in training,so with some luck he will be back in the Spring.

If your on the bank this weekend,tight lines.

Be Lucky.

Monty D.